Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Collecting moments

Perhaps this blog has become more a collection of moments and times too precious to let slip away in my memory. 

My darling Adria, sassy and sweeet.  She will stick up two fingers and announce, "I'm two and a half."  She'll say it if prompted, and sometimes completely out of the blue.  The half is important, you know?  And I'll tell ya--she's GOOD at being two and a half.  They say the two's are terrible, and we have truly had some terrible moments.  But moreso they're just a part of my baby growing up. 

Could she be the smartest girl to ever walk the earth?  Possibly.  The most beautiful?  Yes, it could be.  The most fun, and charming, and definitely the girliest?  Yes, that's her.

She likes little more than wathing a "videdo" on my cell phone, which she can manage on her own, thank you very much! 

And playing baby, where I am instructed to cry, and she, with a smart look on her face, ignores me for a moment, before putting her face close and stroking my hair and inevitably jamming SOMETHING into my mouth, whether a makeshift pacifier or bottle.  She's actually quite good at mommy-ing. 

And she loves princesses and costumes and dancing, although her version of dancing is taking my two hands and leaning back, balancing on her feet as she teeters and tools back and forth.  I have to make sure I hold onto her, but I don't mind dancing with my baby like that! 

She told me the other day, after I helped her out of her car seat, "Who's my little helper, Mommy?"  It took me a minute to understand what she was getting at, but then I laughed and told her "me!", much to both our delight!

She whines and cries to get what she wants, but she's learning to use her words.  She's doing better and better with bedtime and staying put, and with letting me leave the room when she's still awake, and I think we're both sleeping better. 

She is OBSESSED with "make-up", which is to say lip gloss, lip stick and chapstick of all kinds.  She had 4 in bed with her just the other night, and will slather it on! 

She calls me "Honey".  Which I LOVE!!!  Most of the time it's when we're playing, and especially when she wants to be the mommy, but I love it anytime.  My friends or family will hear it and ask, "Did she just call you honey?"  And I'll just smile and nod...

She says "videdo", and "aminals".  She'll shout "ta-da!" when she's especially proud of herself.  She uses "yesss!" like a teenager, clasps her hands together and begs "pleeease, mom?", and can huff and puff around with the best of them. 

She is a remarkable creation, if I do say so myself.  And often I get so busy living life that I don't stop to note how remarkable it is.  Maybe for a minute I do, but then I forget.  So here I am.  Collecting moments.