Thursday, May 2, 2013


Day in and day out, Adria and I are working it out.  They talk about the terrible twos, and we've had some of those.  The thing I keep thinking is, Adria is REALLY GOOD at being 2!  I'm just trying to figure out how to be a good mom of a 2 year old!  But as we're both learning our parts, things really are sweet. 

These are special times.  Sacred times.  Times for just she and I.  Times I'll never get back.  I can't boil them down to a few sentences.  My words don't do them justice.  The way she throws her arms around my neck, unprompted, and says I love you mom.  The way she's quit calling me Mommy and started calling me Ma-Ma.  (It sounds funny and lovely to my ears whenever she says it.)  She dances, and twirls, and does one legged downward facing dog to end each sequence.  We spin and spin and spin until we both fall down dizzy, and then we stand back up, stumbling, to spin some more.  She has an imaginary friend named Petka who pops in and out of our playtimes.  She runs fast.  So fast that sometimes her feet get out from under her and she skins her knees, and comes crying into my arms.  She lays her head on my shoulder.  She LOVES bandaids.  She pretends to read books.  To me, to herself, to her "aminals".  She loves playing with babies.  She's great at pretending.  She'll tell me stories and stop in the middle and ask me, "what happens next, Mama?"  She wants to help with everything, and most of the time she can.  She's the best date ever--fun in a restaurant, petting zoo, store or rodeo.  She can sing her entire alphabet.  And Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  And Jesus Loves Me.  She can pray, and has prayed for me!  She is obsessed with Dora, and even plays Dora when she's driving her little Cozy Coupe on our driveway.  She is totally girlie, bordering on addicted to lip gloss, and will occasionally flip her blonde hair and mug for the camera.  She will occasionally whine, but is getting better and better at "using her words".  And to be honest, usually gets what she wants.  She's developed Adria-ese, and can speak jibberish for an entire conversation.  She is fun and happy.  Sometimes slow to warm up, but interested in the world.  She's a sensitive girl.  She is life and joy.  I don't want to forget our moments, but they are such a simple joy that if I were to write them all down, they wouldn't look like much without my mother-heart-filter.  I guess it boils down to this: Little One, you are my treasure.