Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spring time fun: plan of attack

Here's the plan.  I'm going to set Adria and I up to garden all Spring, and hopefully enjoy the fruit of our labor all summer!

Project 1: starting seeds

We're going to start seeds 3rd grade science experiment style--using plastic baggies, damp paper towels, and a window.  I hope they'll grow, and it'll be so much fun for Adria to watch what happens to them!

Project 2: compost bin

Not nearly as fun, but I think we'll get a big ol' rubber maid container with a lid and start throwing in kitchen refuse.  Should be good for our garden!

Project 3: painting containers

I plan to grow a few plants in containers, but before we get started, I'm going to let Adria paint and decorate the pots.  I think she'll like it!

Project 4: preparing the garden spot

I've looked around a little at weed control, and think I'll start trying to get a handle on our little patch now, well in advance of time to plant.  I've seen where you can spray vinegar on weeds, and cover them with plastic to kill them off.  So I think I'll recruit Adria's help in that, and when it's time to plant, hopefully we'll be able to control for weeds, bugs and disease naturally. 

I may have to add building or decorating a bird house to the list!

Rain, rain, go away, Adria and I want to get out and play!

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