Monday, January 28, 2013

All in the course of a Sunday.

You know what they usually call two-year-olds, don't you?  Well we've had our share of challenging moments lately, including hour long nap time tantrums, plenty of attitude and manipulation, and the occasional yet obligatory toddler hitting, kicking and biting.  But all in all, things seem to be moving in the right direction.  Maybe it's that Jason, Mandy (at daycare) and I are all trying to be consistent with discipline, or just that we're learning Adria and she's learning us.  But stressful days that at times leave me at my wits end not knowing WHAT is the right thing to do have melted into some of the most amazing, precious, and proudest moments I've experienced yet:

While driving home from church I got Adria's attention and told her, "Adria, Mommy is happy."  And she smiled and said, "me too, Mom.  I'm happy, too!"  (It also makes me laugh EVERY time she calls me "Mom.")

Back at the house and out of the blue, the little darling comes up to me, takes my face in her hands and turns it so she can kiss me on the cheek and says, "I love you, Mom." Makes my heart melt!!

Yesterday afternoon, while sitting on her potty (trying desperately to put off nap time and after having been reminded that potty time isn't play time, and that she would be getting back in the bed), Adria bowed her little head and prayed to God--"Dear God, bless me as I grow, that I can look at that book on the potty." (Naturally she got to look at the book after that!) Well then my sweet little smartie continued, head bowed and hands folded--"Dear God, bless me as I grow, that I don't have to get in my bed and go night night." Sweet smart Adria's first prayer! Not entirely sure what to think of it!! :)

And while driving home from church Community Group last night I was talking about the evening, saying how happy I was that a friend and her little one-year-old daughter had been there, and I guess I trailed off.  Adria said something that snapped me back to attention, and I asked her, "what did you just say?"  So she repeated it, "what are you thinking about, Mommy?"  I am not making that up.  What?!  Unbelieveable!  How sweet and intuitive is this little 27 month old angel??

I am in love with that girl and this life.  I am rich.

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