Monday, August 27, 2012

I am that mom.

As I was walking into my office building this morning, pocket book, lunch bag, and lanyard door key in tow, it occurred to me that I was also carrying Adria's sippy cup of milk with me.  Which doesn't seem at all unusual to me, but which very well may seem strange to the college students filing into the building with me. 

I am the mom who thinks it's totally normal to use my daughter's leftover milk in my coffee, and that a sippy cup doubles as a totally wonderful travel mug.

I am the mom who discovers that 3 Easter stickers have been placed on my back.  After finishing my shopping and leaving the store.  In August.

But I am the same mom who proudly wears those stickers all day long on purpose (when I know they're there and have been placed appropriately). 

I am the mom with the "mom car", complete with a paper box full of toys, and roll of toilet paper on the emergency break.  Because sometimes emergencies call for a roll of toilet paper.  But I don't have any room for other adults to sit. 

I am the mom who digs past a pull-up and plastic piggy to get to my lipstick or wallet in my pocket book. 

I am the mom with a messy shoulder because my toddler wipes her face on my shirt when I hold her.  But I will not quit holding her. 

And I am the mom who takes fashion advice from my almost-2-year-old, but can't get her to put her pants on.  (Because her "ooh, pretty" trumps InStyle magazine any day.)

Yeah.  I am the mom of a toddler.  Beautiful!  Vibrant!  Healthy!  Yeah, I am that mom.  :)

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