Tuesday, September 27, 2011

30 in 30--Happy Birthday to me!

For my 30th birthday, I celebrated by having some girlfriends over and making a list of 30 of the things I've accomplished in my 30 years that I've done or am proud of.  Because 30 years didn't just happen to me.  I lived in those 30 years.  So here is my list of 30 in 30:

1. I lived in Sarajevo for a year, and have traveled throughout Germany, England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bosnia, Croatia, South Korea and Jamaica.
2. Completed a triathlon and beat my time goal by nearly 20 minutes
3. Back to pre baby/high school weight at 30 yoa
4. Speak Spanish, and have dabbled in Bosnian
5. Loved without holding anything back
6. Married the man I measured all other men against
7. Have been rescued utterly by God--after college, and he's doing it all over again presently
8. I can cook.
9. I am a wine drinker
10. Natural childbirth--amazing accomplishment and amazingly empowering
11. Adria--I had the sweetest most beautiful daughter and am raising her to be an amazing little girl
12. 2 majors and one minor in 3.5 years at Mercer University
13. I have made mistakes in my life, but am learning from them.
14. I am an office supervisor--middle management, baby!
15. I have fallen asleep next to the man that I love on lush green grass under a clear blue sky.
16. I attended midnight Christmas mass led by the pope at the Vatican
17. I am learning about speaking truth to people, whether on mission or at the probation office, as a way of life.
18. Drank wine out of our backpack with my best friend while sitting on the fountain outside the Lourve in Paris.
19. I have gotten away with speaking Spanish w an Italian accent, as speaking the language in Italy.
20. I have been kissed on the beach at midnight by a stranger.
21. I have drank wine on the roof of a tiny building dwarfed by skyscrapers on a purple night in New York City while being watched over by the Statue of Liberty.
22. I can drive a stick shift.
23. I am learning that the closer I walk to God the fewer regrets I have.
24. I was my Chi Omega new member educator and lived in the sorority house.
25. I did not have a bad high school experience, but college kind of made up for it.
26. I know I can always go home.
27. I bought a house, and refinanced it.
28. I missed my flight home from Vegas because I was still gambling.
29. I can support me and my daughter financially.
30. I have hope and remain an optimist.

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