Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My how time flies!

All around me people are talking about "back to school" time. It doesn't really mean a thing to me, since neither I nor my child are going "back to school" ourselves. (Jason will be going back to school in a few more weeks--but it's still a few weeks away, so THIS back to school buzz hasn't really hit our house.) But it occurs to me that school seems to start earlier and earlier each year. It's only August 1st, and people already are officially packing their backpacks in 100 degree weather and trudging through those double doors everywhere. Or they will be by this time next week. It doesn't seem right. With the school year starting earlier and earlier, it really makes it seem like the summer just flies by. Time really does fly, doesn't it?

I have LOVED my time spent with Adria this month. I have a 9 month old. She's 9 months. Oh, how many months is she? 9! She's crawling wonderfully, she's pulling up on everything, and making the first little indications that she wants to stand up on her own. She loves to use her little finger to point at and touch, can pretty much get anywhere she wants to, and has enjoyed cruising around while holding onto furniture, cabinets, a wayward knee, whatever. She has just seemed SO HAPPY these days, can play and entertain herself, but loves to climb on me and has begun what I think is trying to give me kisses. She'll turn her mouth to me when I'm kissing her cheeks, or she'll come at me, open mouth and tongue out, right on the kisser! She's adorable, she's amazing! I'm absolutely loving it.

But it's August already! How is my 9th month slipping by so quickly? In just 9 short days I'll have a 10 month old! I wish I could freeze these days and just linger in them. Warm summer days, playing outside on the blanket in the back yard, trying to eat the grass, exploring the little play set we inherited from Uncle Matt and nephew Brayden. She and her dad and I playing in her own little baby pool. Slow down, summer! Slow down, Month Number Nine! I want to soak it all in, and with having to juggle work, and making time for quality time with my hubby, these days are all too precious. SLOW DOWN!

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