Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going batty...


So the title kind of gives it away, but what do you think Jason and I found in our bedroom around 1:00 this morning?


Jason and I were both in bed, and at first I heard a little rustling and realized--something is definitely in here--have we got a mouse or something? Dang it! What to do? Will we have to call an exterminator? I wonder how much that will cost. No wait, mousetraps! Ok, yeah, no problem, back to sleep, and we'll get mousetraps tomorrow...

When Jason jolted me awake--There's something flying around our room and I think it's a bat! We've got to get out of here! And when I opened my eyes and looked up, that sucker was circling our ceiling, lighting every now and then on our ceiling fan!

I literally almost jumped out of my skin, and at least almost jumped out of the bed, but Jason had us both roll onto the floor and crawl out of the room, and he closed the doors behind us and snuck a peek, checking out the situation.

Yup, huge bat. Yup, landing on the ceiling fan. Jason got a towel, and after a rather loud crash, came back out of the room, mad, and declared that if we just had a b.b. gun... And then he took my keys and went to Wal-Mart!

Now, I'm wondering how loud a b.b. gun will be, and if it'll wake Adria, and if it's a GOOD idea to shoot a wild animal in our bedroom, and what kind of damage it'll cause the room, and what it'll take to clean up the mess if we DO shoot the bat... but of course by "we" I definitely mean ONLY Jason. So I decide, since I'm COMPLETELY leaving the dealing-with-the-bat responsibilities to him, who am I to criticize his methods?

A few minutes later he shows back up, armored up with thick gloves and a straw broom. He decided against the b.b. gun (although I think he'd still like to own one), and in favor of the broom. Again, who am I to second guess his methods? But I will admit I was a bit relieved.

So once again we both crept into the bathroom, and he cracked the door and started swinging. "I'm missing it every time!" was the first response--hello sonar! But before long he'd whacked it good, and except for losing sight of it after the whacking, I think we were both significantly relieved! Now, I've seen too many Chevy Chase movies to believe that bat was really neutralized until it was OUT of our house, but Jason found it after only a few moments of poking around, and before I knew it the thing was contained in his big gloves and out the front door.

Big sigh of relief! And so thankful for my manly man!

But how did that bugger get in our room to begin with?! It was still maddening... and hard to sleep... when whether it was our imaginations or not we again heard a small tapping noise coming from the door in the wall that opens into attic space...

So. Imagination or not (which realistically is less likely since we BOTH heard the tapping noises), we're still not sure of where our bat-friend came from... or who else is out there... or that we've seen the last of this problem. I only know that in the mean time, my old backpack is propped up against that attic door...

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  1. Ewwww! I'm not creeped out by "creatures" usually but bats totally creep me out! Tell Jason I said good job!