Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going batty...


So the title kind of gives it away, but what do you think Jason and I found in our bedroom around 1:00 this morning?


Jason and I were both in bed, and at first I heard a little rustling and realized--something is definitely in here--have we got a mouse or something? Dang it! What to do? Will we have to call an exterminator? I wonder how much that will cost. No wait, mousetraps! Ok, yeah, no problem, back to sleep, and we'll get mousetraps tomorrow...

When Jason jolted me awake--There's something flying around our room and I think it's a bat! We've got to get out of here! And when I opened my eyes and looked up, that sucker was circling our ceiling, lighting every now and then on our ceiling fan!

I literally almost jumped out of my skin, and at least almost jumped out of the bed, but Jason had us both roll onto the floor and crawl out of the room, and he closed the doors behind us and snuck a peek, checking out the situation.

Yup, huge bat. Yup, landing on the ceiling fan. Jason got a towel, and after a rather loud crash, came back out of the room, mad, and declared that if we just had a b.b. gun... And then he took my keys and went to Wal-Mart!

Now, I'm wondering how loud a b.b. gun will be, and if it'll wake Adria, and if it's a GOOD idea to shoot a wild animal in our bedroom, and what kind of damage it'll cause the room, and what it'll take to clean up the mess if we DO shoot the bat... but of course by "we" I definitely mean ONLY Jason. So I decide, since I'm COMPLETELY leaving the dealing-with-the-bat responsibilities to him, who am I to criticize his methods?

A few minutes later he shows back up, armored up with thick gloves and a straw broom. He decided against the b.b. gun (although I think he'd still like to own one), and in favor of the broom. Again, who am I to second guess his methods? But I will admit I was a bit relieved.

So once again we both crept into the bathroom, and he cracked the door and started swinging. "I'm missing it every time!" was the first response--hello sonar! But before long he'd whacked it good, and except for losing sight of it after the whacking, I think we were both significantly relieved! Now, I've seen too many Chevy Chase movies to believe that bat was really neutralized until it was OUT of our house, but Jason found it after only a few moments of poking around, and before I knew it the thing was contained in his big gloves and out the front door.

Big sigh of relief! And so thankful for my manly man!

But how did that bugger get in our room to begin with?! It was still maddening... and hard to sleep... when whether it was our imaginations or not we again heard a small tapping noise coming from the door in the wall that opens into attic space...

So. Imagination or not (which realistically is less likely since we BOTH heard the tapping noises), we're still not sure of where our bat-friend came from... or who else is out there... or that we've seen the last of this problem. I only know that in the mean time, my old backpack is propped up against that attic door...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ten months old

I have a ten month old!

I will not continue with these monthly updates once my darling daughter reaches the ever important one year mark, which is barrelling down on me, but for now these little monthly updates are sweet to me. There is so much development happening, so much change. So much to treasure and remember, so much to delight in.

Something occurred to me the other day. Plenty of people have told me that I've got a mama's girl. And that's definitely okay with me! But it occurs to me the very high priviledge I hold with this little wonder-girl. Nobody will know the unparallelled delight of being the one she wants. The one who can comfort her more than any other. The one who knows her better than any other. And probably the one who loves and delights in her more than any other. It is a high calling to be mother to this little precious and to give my love with all my heart. And an even greater priviledge to be loved by her.

Monday, August 8, 2011

My great grandmother, Adria's great-grandmother

I have just arrived home from the adventure of the year--or at least of the last few months. Where did this adventure take me, you ask? You might be surprised to hear that the adventure of recent history took place in a mystical place called, are you ready for this? Dayton, Ohio.

My dear sweet grandmother is turning 89 years old today, which is a significant birthday! (Seems like they all are, after a certain age!) but it seems even moreso because my dear sweet grandmother is also battling Alzheimer's. It seems a little unfair, because we all know it is a battle you can't win. But she keeps hanging on. Each time I see her I know it may be my last, and I honor it as such. It's hard to see her so much deteriorated from he feisty, sassy woman I remember from my childhood, who my mom said I was so like. It doesn't so much seem like an adventure, Butthis visit was special because I also wanted my most precious little daughter to get to meet her great-grandmother while she still can, so the adventure came when I bought myself a plane ticket, packed up our things, and Jason dropped us off at the airport.

In grand adventure fashion, the story started with excitement, Jason charging us through Atlanta traffic only to have us arrive just late enough to watch the flight take off without us. Perhaps it wasn't that dramatic, but we missed our flight and were booked for the next one, some 3 hours later. Adria and I entertained ourselves well for the 3 hour delay--naturally we were both still fresh! But after boarding and another almost hour delay, both our patience and stamina was wearing thin. (Good thing we were seated next to a bonafide rapper to make the flight a little more manageable!) Seriously, Adria was an incredible trooper, and only fussed as the plane descended--hard on my grown-up ears, understandably hard on her!

My mom (who MADE the earlier flight) picked us up and was able to meet us at the gate, what a treat! By the time we arrived at the hotel it was time to crash, and Adria slept in our room while mom and I listened through the monitor and ate pizza in her room.

The next day was the reason we came--adventure or not, we came to see my grandma, and I couldn't have scripted a sweeter time. With much love, my grandma has become more baby-like herself these days, and as strange as that is to say, she and Adria seemed to understand each other from first glance. Grandma and my uncle actually met us at the entrance to the (very nice!) nursing facility Grandma is in now, and responding to my joy and surprise at seeing them and being greeted that way, Adria beamed and cooed at them both, and my grandma beamed and cooed back to us. I don't remember if I hid my tears, I don't remember if I tried to. It is so bittersweet seeing her like that--she's absolutely precious, and my dear grandma is still in there, but of course it's not the same--she doesn't speak anymore, and stayed so tired our visiting came in spurts, and the chatter was of course one sided, but in her face and her eyes she still showed her delight, and seeing her delight in MY greatest delight, well, as imperfect as it was, it was also pretty pure, and I couldn't have asked for it to go better.

To be honest, I'm so glad Adria took right to her and wasn't afraid. I suppose I needn't have worried--Adria was climbing over her and reaching out to hold and lick her hand by the time we left. For me it was still a great adventure, because going into it I had no idea... But I suppose there really is something natural and lasting about family--if we'll let it be so.

Not to downplay the significance of Adria and my air travel. As it turns out that was the greatest part of our adventure, with a TIRED girl (naps not being included in our itinerary), tired of travel and being strapped in places (car seat, stroller, high chair, etc) tired of being constrained to her mother's control and lap while the air itself seemed to revolt in her head as we ascended and descended. My poor crying, uncomfortable baby in the air, yet my sweet, smiley, happy social baby as soon as we landed. I don't care--i'm a mama and much more concerned with her comfort than those around me! She did great, and if I'm still processing--the stress, the significance of our little visit, the sweetness, well I don't think anyone could blame me for that!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My how time flies!

All around me people are talking about "back to school" time. It doesn't really mean a thing to me, since neither I nor my child are going "back to school" ourselves. (Jason will be going back to school in a few more weeks--but it's still a few weeks away, so THIS back to school buzz hasn't really hit our house.) But it occurs to me that school seems to start earlier and earlier each year. It's only August 1st, and people already are officially packing their backpacks in 100 degree weather and trudging through those double doors everywhere. Or they will be by this time next week. It doesn't seem right. With the school year starting earlier and earlier, it really makes it seem like the summer just flies by. Time really does fly, doesn't it?

I have LOVED my time spent with Adria this month. I have a 9 month old. She's 9 months. Oh, how many months is she? 9! She's crawling wonderfully, she's pulling up on everything, and making the first little indications that she wants to stand up on her own. She loves to use her little finger to point at and touch, can pretty much get anywhere she wants to, and has enjoyed cruising around while holding onto furniture, cabinets, a wayward knee, whatever. She has just seemed SO HAPPY these days, can play and entertain herself, but loves to climb on me and has begun what I think is trying to give me kisses. She'll turn her mouth to me when I'm kissing her cheeks, or she'll come at me, open mouth and tongue out, right on the kisser! She's adorable, she's amazing! I'm absolutely loving it.

But it's August already! How is my 9th month slipping by so quickly? In just 9 short days I'll have a 10 month old! I wish I could freeze these days and just linger in them. Warm summer days, playing outside on the blanket in the back yard, trying to eat the grass, exploring the little play set we inherited from Uncle Matt and nephew Brayden. She and her dad and I playing in her own little baby pool. Slow down, summer! Slow down, Month Number Nine! I want to soak it all in, and with having to juggle work, and making time for quality time with my hubby, these days are all too precious. SLOW DOWN!