Friday, July 1, 2011

Letter to my daughter 15: Be who you are

My darling Adria,
You are such a joy to me! Even getting to know your baby-self is a thrill, and to say that I'm so looking forward to knowing the person you'll become is a huge understatement.

I've had occasion to do some serious thinking about difficult situations in my own life lately, and through God's grace am able to come to one peace-giving conclusion--all I know is all I know, and all I can be is who I am. I think as WOMEN we struggle in particular with feelings of inadequacy. I was taking about it with a dear friend of mine just today and she'd been having some of the same questions and feelings as I have been--is who I am enough? When all the striving is over and I'm left with just me--is THAT enough?

My little darling, the truth in my own challenging situations lately is, all I can be is me, and all I know is all I know. And somehow the grace of God has been telling me that that IS enough. In fact it's who I must be! And it's the grace of God to tell me that, because sometimes the world or some unnamed difficult situation will have a different answer for you.

So as my Maker shares that answer with me, I want to that same answer with you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made--you were made Adria. No one else. And no one else was made to be you! So when you are faced with these same questions, and as a woman I am positive you will be because that seems to be our lot, know that all you can be is you. You were made Adria, to BE Adria. So be her, be yourself with all that you are. Because THAT is exceptional, beautiful, lovely, equal to your calling, and absolutely enough.

I will always be cheering on who you are with all my love,
Your mama

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