Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy 9th monthday, little darling!

I have a 9 month old baby girl. How amazing! How amazing she is! I've said it before, but it keeps proving itself over and over--every phase is my new favorite. I enjoy this little person more and more as she continues to grow and develop. Things I find delightful:

We'll find her sitting up in her crib in the mornings after a little chatter to let us know she's up. And when she sees you come through the door, big smile and sleepy eye rub. Although she puts up a little fuss about the diaper change!

The girl can crawl! She loves to get moving, and will crawl with gleeful abandon, like when she really gets moving she's thinking to herself, man, I'm really making it!

She can pull up on things. In fact, she can crawl UP the little playroom slide at daycare! (She showed me today but whined the whole way, like she was scared but just kept going anyway. Sweet girl! Brave girl!)

And in pulling up on things, I saw her "cruise" and take her first steps holding on just yesterday! This girl wants to be a mover and a shaker, and it won't be long now!

She can wave. Oh. my. goodness. She is so cute.

And she can clap! Oh my goodness!

And she likes to chatter. (She MAY take after her mama about that!) I'm convinced she's really telling me things, I just can't understand what she means--yet!

She has 8 teeth. 8! And to be honest, I think there are more coming in! Whew, makes me tired just thinking about growing all those teeth.

She sleeps through the night--has been for months, but is giving up her 10:00 p.m. bottle and sleeping straight through from 8 p.m.-7 a.m.ish. Glory, hallelujah!

She can feed herself, and more and more often actually gets the bits of food into her mouth! She LOVES bananas, goldfish crackers, cheerios, peas... anything I'll put on her tray for her to grab.

And she can sit at the table with me like a big girl. After she eats, while the grown folks are finishing up, she's perfectly satisfied to sit at the table and provide entertainment. In fact, she did it at my parents' over the 4th of July. That's an important skill to me for her to learn, and I couldn't have been prouder.

She's a little begger for grown-up foods--she sees what other people are eating and gazes at you with those imploring baby blues until she gets just a taste! Haha, that may be how I get her to stay satisfied at the table while the grown folks eat!

At bathtime you should see the way she kicks and flaps her arms in the water--loves to splash! Same with the pool. Also, she loves froggies and duckies.

And, she may be learning limits. Sometimes she can't help those little hands, but she understands some of my verbal instructions to her--cords, the fireplace hearth and my cell phone are "no's", but there is so much fun to be had elsewhere! She seems ok with it so far!

She loves to play with the other children at daycare. Loves them. And plays gently and well with the other babies! It seriously warms my heart to see her making friends already, so sweetly. I love to see how other people love her, even if they're just babies.

And maybe the greatest thing of all. She loves ME! I am her MAMA, and although I don't have all the answers and don't always read her just right, she KNOWS that I love her, delight in her, and am a safe place to jump off into the world from.

Yes, being her mama is one of the great honors of my life.

So happy 9th monthday, little darling! I love you, and always will!

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  1. I love 9 months and I love your little girl, even though I've only met her once. She's at such a fun age of learning and exploring, and what fun it is to watch and hear your reports of how she's growing and changing! I love you both!