Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Watching her grow

I hate to admit it, because I hate to admit when anything is hard, but these have been hard days for us around here lately. I mentioned the start of little Adria's illness in my last post, but it turned out she had a little stomach bug that seemed to last for days and days... And that she shared with me before it was all over! But we have finally both recovered well, and my sweet little, she's doing just fine!

Splendidly, I could even say! I never formally celebrated on this blog the latest accomplishments of my little darling, but she is indeed crawling, and in what seems like only 2 weeks, she's crawling well! We finally started baby-proofing the house, although there is certainly more to go, but little Adria, she's mobile now, and the world, or our house at least, is her oyster! She can tear up the kitchen, wants to pull up on everything these days, including me, and I think is generally having a ball!

In fact, when I picked up my sweet little naked baby from day care this afternoon (apparently blew out 2 outfits today and was down to diapers by the time I got there), I got her home and let her loose in the kitchen floor while I prepared our suppers. She likes to push the kitchen stools around, and I always keep a close eye on her even while she's enjoying her freedom. But this evening she crawled over to me at the kitchen sink and before I knew it she'd pulled herself up my pants legs and was naked baby standing in the kitchen--and I think she may have gotten temporarily stuck standing between my legs holding onto my pants--like I'm up here now mama, how do i get back down?? I had to rescue her from falling on the tile floor when she started to get wobbly!

Oh how I love that creature, oh how every day seems more interesting and exciting than the last, how treasured to get to be a part of her life and watch her grow.

For a variety of reasons these have been hard days. But in the midst of them is such sunshine.

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