Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How sleeping beauty eats her dinner

So my little one has been having a rough few days, it seems. She has a hard time napping while at daycare (we call it school around our house--makes me feel better about leaving her). She sleeps like a champion for her dad and me... at home... in her own bed... in the cool, quiet room... by herself with no people around for distractions... So I guess I can see why she sometimes has a hard time getting good naps at daycare. But it does end up making it hard on her.

They'd observed a slight fever on Monday, so on Tuesday I went into work late and kept Adria with me during the morning to observe her and just so she could relax some. Well again, she had a beautiful, splendid, wonderful nap for me... but NO afternoon nap at school!

So just about the time I was picking her up, she was crashing... and she crashed hard! I am still nursing her, just a little tiny bit, but holding her in my arms, she fell asleep. There sat the little salmon patty she'd helped me make with her name on it. There sat the pureed carrots, sure to tempt. And there lay my sleeping baby. I decided if she was only just mostly asleep, and not 100% asleep I could still give it a try... (I'm seeing that scene from the Princess Bride where Westley is just mostly dead...)

and my baby slept-ate for about 10 minutes yesterday. I swear it was the funniest and cutest thing. My sleeping girl would slurp down carrots and open her little baby bird mouth, all the while eyes shut! And if I put in a little bite of the salmon, she'd munch, munch, munch! She certainly didn't get a good full meal, but she got some variety of food in the belly, and I decided to just "top her off" with a bottle before putting her down for bed, so she ended up sleeping sweet just like she should have, full belly and all.

Too funny this girl of mine.

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