Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Watching her grow

I hate to admit it, because I hate to admit when anything is hard, but these have been hard days for us around here lately. I mentioned the start of little Adria's illness in my last post, but it turned out she had a little stomach bug that seemed to last for days and days... And that she shared with me before it was all over! But we have finally both recovered well, and my sweet little, she's doing just fine!

Splendidly, I could even say! I never formally celebrated on this blog the latest accomplishments of my little darling, but she is indeed crawling, and in what seems like only 2 weeks, she's crawling well! We finally started baby-proofing the house, although there is certainly more to go, but little Adria, she's mobile now, and the world, or our house at least, is her oyster! She can tear up the kitchen, wants to pull up on everything these days, including me, and I think is generally having a ball!

In fact, when I picked up my sweet little naked baby from day care this afternoon (apparently blew out 2 outfits today and was down to diapers by the time I got there), I got her home and let her loose in the kitchen floor while I prepared our suppers. She likes to push the kitchen stools around, and I always keep a close eye on her even while she's enjoying her freedom. But this evening she crawled over to me at the kitchen sink and before I knew it she'd pulled herself up my pants legs and was naked baby standing in the kitchen--and I think she may have gotten temporarily stuck standing between my legs holding onto my pants--like I'm up here now mama, how do i get back down?? I had to rescue her from falling on the tile floor when she started to get wobbly!

Oh how I love that creature, oh how every day seems more interesting and exciting than the last, how treasured to get to be a part of her life and watch her grow.

For a variety of reasons these have been hard days. But in the midst of them is such sunshine.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How sleeping beauty eats her dinner

So my little one has been having a rough few days, it seems. She has a hard time napping while at daycare (we call it school around our house--makes me feel better about leaving her). She sleeps like a champion for her dad and me... at home... in her own bed... in the cool, quiet room... by herself with no people around for distractions... So I guess I can see why she sometimes has a hard time getting good naps at daycare. But it does end up making it hard on her.

They'd observed a slight fever on Monday, so on Tuesday I went into work late and kept Adria with me during the morning to observe her and just so she could relax some. Well again, she had a beautiful, splendid, wonderful nap for me... but NO afternoon nap at school!

So just about the time I was picking her up, she was crashing... and she crashed hard! I am still nursing her, just a little tiny bit, but holding her in my arms, she fell asleep. There sat the little salmon patty she'd helped me make with her name on it. There sat the pureed carrots, sure to tempt. And there lay my sleeping baby. I decided if she was only just mostly asleep, and not 100% asleep I could still give it a try... (I'm seeing that scene from the Princess Bride where Westley is just mostly dead...)

and my baby slept-ate for about 10 minutes yesterday. I swear it was the funniest and cutest thing. My sleeping girl would slurp down carrots and open her little baby bird mouth, all the while eyes shut! And if I put in a little bite of the salmon, she'd munch, munch, munch! She certainly didn't get a good full meal, but she got some variety of food in the belly, and I decided to just "top her off" with a bottle before putting her down for bed, so she ended up sleeping sweet just like she should have, full belly and all.

Too funny this girl of mine.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Proud moment

I did it! This morning I completed My First Tri!

Let me start by saying, if I can do it, anybody can do it! For the last several months, I would go on my lunch breaks to the local pool and swim laps one or two days a week instead of going to see Adria at daycare. And in the evenings after I picked Adria up from daycare, if I had a bit of time before dinner and she wasn't falling asleep on me, I'd put her in the baby bike trailer we got for her and pull her around the neighborhood. Motivation: she loved it! But didn't always seem so thrilled when I'd huff and puff up our neighborhood hills--so in my head she was crying "faster, Mommy, faster!" And at night after she'd go to bed, I'd hop on the treadmill for a few miles. (Remember my "Grey's Anatomy workout plan"? Haha, well in conjunction with all this training, I have to confess that I've gotten a little addicted to that show as well!)

But part of the point of signing up for this thing was to see if I could do it! To see if I have what it takes. And then once I began to see that yes, it probably would be possible to finish a race like that, I wanted to do it well. I had 2 goals: finish strong! (That meant I wanted to swim, and bike, and run--no quitting and walking.) And I wanted to see if I could finish in under 2 hours.

And I did it! I finished, and finished well! And as a matter of fact, completely surprising me and blowing my mind, I finished it in 1:41!

Part of why this is such a big deal is because I have never thought of myself as one of those people. Those really active or fit people, or even one of those people who just goes and does cool unusual things. I have always just been average. So I thought I'd go and dabble in it, bring up the rear of the field, dragging myself across the finish line. I'm a new mom. I work full time. My face turns beet red and I sweat like a pig when I exercise. That's who I thought I was when I arrived this morning. But whether I was really competitive to anyone else or not, I blew my own expectations away. I was able to hang with the competition, I felt free, I felt fierce, I felt hard-core. I pushed it! And that makes me feel special! It makes me feel like this was a BIG DEAL. It makes me feel like I'm more than I thought I was.

Now don't get me wrong--I still finished 142nd out of 252. There was no win in me. But I wanted to run my own race, and in that, I beat myself, and I won.