Sunday, May 29, 2011

Houston, we have lift off!

My fabulous little person, she just keeps growing and developing in leaps and bounds! Just the other day I visited her at daycare, and after a snuggle and some playtime, I put my little A in the ball pit, and what does she do? She pulls up! To standing! She's been crawling all over her dad and me for a while, and would pull up onto her legs and stand over us, butt in the air and bent over with her hands on us. But this was completely upright, holding onto the little bar, smiling like she knew she'd just hit on the start of something big!
And wouldn't you know it, now that she's able to coordinate those arms and legs, she can go from laying on her back to her belly to sitting, just like it's no big deal!
And if all that weren't enough--I think she's crawling. They say at daycare she is, and hubby says she crawled forward 1 or 2 feet the other day. Well my rule with daycare is that if I didn't see it, it hasn't happened yet, but I'll definitely start looking for a behavior under their advisement. But my own dear hubby--if he sees it, it counts! But lucky enough for me, I saw her move forward myself yesterday, cutely enough going after my freshly painted and brightly colored toes! I'd seen her rock and roll, scoot and move backwards, but I am willing to attest to it myself--Houston, we have liftoff!

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