Sunday, April 17, 2011

Try try tri

Before little Adria was born, I had certain "get back in shape" goals in mind, and I'm turning 30 this year and had wanted to accomplish some things physically to keep myself young and strong. Specifically I wanted my "pre baby body" back , and I decided I wanted to compete in My First Tri on June 5, 2011--a yearly sprint triathlon designed specifically for first time participants. A sprint triathlon starts with a 400 meter swim followed by a 12 mile bike ride and a 3 mile run.

Which all sounds good and well when you're 9 months pregnant and have no necessity or capacity to train for a major athletic event. But today I looked up and realized, the triathlon is 7 weeks away! And due to feeling under the weather, and admittedly just plain lazy, I haven't even gotten started training!

I was a bit alarmed when I started looking online for 7 week triathlon training plans and realized they don't exist. So I suppose I'm on my own, but here I go! I feel like even with the training I'm embarking on yet another adventure, and to tell the truth I'm pretty excited about it. So wish me luck and I'll keep you posted!

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