Sunday, April 10, 2011

Memphis rocks, baby!

So, after making best friends at church and growing to love one another while taking fabulous adventures overseas, the time was right for Jason and I to take another adventure. Next city on our list to conquer: Memphis, TN.

That's right, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Seoul... and now Memphis. You know you're jealous! ;)

Jason took me on a fabulous weekend getaway to experience my first real rock concert seeing Kings of Leon (LOVE them!!), and even Graceland! Because really--what IS Memphis without Graceland?? We dropped Adria off at my folks for our first real weekend away and hopped a flight, thanks to many thousands of dollars spent on our American Express sky-miles credit card, and after a SHORT hop, we were there!

We spent the first day hanging out on Beale Street, conveniently located RIGHT NEXT TO the arena where the concert was. And, if I happen to mention that you can carry your beer around Beale Street, and even up to the forum while waiting in line to get in and be the first to stand at the stage for the concert--does it give away too much? This may be old hat to people who have been to concerts before, but remember, this was my very first one! So we got in line a few hours before they opened the doors and quickly made friends with everyone around us, sharing stories and travel tales, and singing KOL songs while we waited. When the finally opened the doors security did a quick once over and we RAN to the table to get our floor pass wrist bands, and then RAN to the stadium floor to get as close as we could to the stage. I could touch the rail, and the guys threw out guitar picks or drum sticks from time to time, right to us! (We didn't get any, but that's how close we were.) It was an awesome first show--not too much pushing and shoving, everybody just loving singing along, and the band was really rocking and sounded great. I may be hooked. :)

We got back to our hotel and ordered a pizza to the room, which reminded me a lot of our wedding night, and then we crashed hard. Seriously, we slept past 10:00 a.m. central time, 11:00 eastern, which I have to admit, I was looking forward to as much as anything else on the trip. But then we were off to GRACELAND! Wahhhh! (That's me going wild. You'll just have to imagine me in all my 50's era Elvis crazed excitement.) I actually expected it to be a bit cheesier, but it was just the perfect amount of cheese, and truly surprising tribute. I came away a bigger Elvis fan.

Check it out! Here's the house--that Lisa Marie knew marketing even when she was a young'un, cause she opened it to the public just 5 yrs after Elvis' death, and kept it just the way he had it. It's 70's-tastic, and that Elvis knew glam-rock before his time.

(Yes, that IS a 360 degree mirrored staircase into the basement.)

Famed "Jungle room" ahhh! (Shame you can't really see the grass green shag carpet on the CEILING there!!)

I'd call this the monkey room. Note monkey statue on the coffee table, mirrored ceilings, and 3 TVs! (As a side note--this guy must have REALLY liked TV and bars... there were lots ALL through the house!)

Pleated fabric ceiling, anyone? Why don't we see more of this these days??

Oh so many more pics to come... but had a little difficulty uploading, so check back for all the really glam side of Graceland!!

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