Monday, April 4, 2011

Car woes

Well, after 4 good years driving the Honda Accord Jason and I bought off a little Vietnamese man named Mai on Atlanta Highway 4 years ago, it is time to move on. Here is a list of what's wrong with my daily:

1. It's got a rebuilt title. Really that doesn't bother me, but it kills the resale... but really, resale of a '99 with over 230,000 miles... I got my money's worth, so no complaining here.

2. The check engine and service light just... stay on. Ironically the check engine light only came on after I checked on the service light, but we decided against a $100 part that didn't really fix any problem we were having. (I can't even remember what the original issue was with that, but not any of the problems listed here.)

3. The car's alignment always seems to pull to the right. Even after I get it checked regularly. I don't even notice it anymore until I get into another car and inevitably end up inadvertently steering into the left hand lane!

4. Sometimes, only sometimes, when you accelerate, the emergency brake light comes on. Not the emergency brake--just the light.

5. Sometimes, only sometimes, the a/c controls on the dashboard will go dead, and you just get whatever it was set on last time you crunk the car. Luckily you can still turn on and off. But just because you were defrosting the car in the chilly mornings and it's 70 degrees when you get in at lunch doesn't mean you can necessarily change it from heat to a/c. Or not. Because sometimes it works!

Well, that's really it. (I'm such a whiner.) The car runs great, accelerates and brakes reliably (or else we would have replaced it a while ago). And after all, it is a Honda, so probably has at least another 70,000 miles in it. But, alas, it is time for it to go.

Or at least not to remain the daily.

So... we shall see what is in store for us! (I have something in mind... if it all works out, I'll be posting pics of my new ride by the end of the week!)

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  1. Awww... End of a car era... It's sad but exciting all at once!! I hope you get a new ride this week! Can't wait to see what you and Adria will be pimpin'.. love you!