Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sweet Potato!

Well, after starting Adria over a month ago on rice cereal, I decided after her 5 month mark to introduce a few actual solids--vegetables! First there was squash. I boiled up a bag of frozen squash, blended it up and voila! Fresh homemade baby food! I thought it was yummy! Jason didn't really think so... And it made Adria cry. Was it not yummy, yummy, yummy, or was it the simple fact that the squash puree contained bits that didn't just melt in her mouth like the rice cereal? Ah, in any event, I still made her eat some throughout the week, just mixed in with her beloved rice cereal. :P

Not to be put out, the next week I offered her white potato--the kind you make mashed potatoes with! And I LOVE mashed potatoes! So, how did Adria like her baby version of mashed potatoes? No salt, pepper, butter, milk, etc? Head hanging in defeat. About as much as the squash. Although at least this time she didn't cry. And still, throughout the week, she's been eating potatoes along with her cereal. Ha!

And so still not to be defeated--tonight we tried sweet potato! And finally folks, we have a winner! She liked the sweet potato, first time around! (Although I did at least have the sense to mix it with her cereal from the beginning this time!)

I've been putting away ice cubes of the fresh baby food to pull out when Adria comes to her senses and realizes there is so much more out there than rice, and comes to love her veggies just like her mama! Or, to at least mix in with her rice cereal all along the way. :) Who knew--adventures in baby food!

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  1. Those pictures are priceless!! And don't be defeated...sometimes it takes a few tries to get them to like some type of food. I pretty much always mixed it with the rice cereal as well, and for some reason that helped! I hope you have fun with new food adventures!