Monday, March 21, 2011

Letter to my daughter (14)

My dearest Adria,

It doesn't happen often, but yesterday you fell asleep in my arms and I held onto your tiny self while you took your afternoon nap. It doesn't happen often because we try and let you nap in your bed--you sleep better there--and usually after 5-10 minutes you cry it out and are fast asleep. But yesterday after a trip to the Home Depot with your dad before he headed on to work and we headed on home, you had a hard time settling into your crib. You just looked so tired, and I couldn't bear to just leave you to cry, so you snuggled into my shoulder and I watched a Netflix re-run of Grey's Anatomy, and I so much enjoyed just holding you while you slept. I didn't try to put you back in your crib, didn't try to multi-task or get anything else done, I just enjoyed being with you. You melt my heart so often just by being you, and you'll only be this little with things this simple for a short while. So even though I know I was "supposed to" let you sleep in the crib, I think we both re-charged from the snuggle!

I love your shaky little breath as you quit crying and settle into my shoulder. I love the opening and closing of your little hands as you drift off to sleep. I love the smell of your hair, and face. I love how soft and warm you are, and your sweet deep breaths once you finally drift off. I love stopping and just being with you in the quiet and still. I just love you.

Anyway, I enjoyed naptime yesterday, baby girl. Thanks!

All my heart,

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  1. I just choked up and got some of those chills you get when something is so sweet and moves your heart :) I love you, sweet friend, and I miss you!!