Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby's first tooth!

I am heart wrenchingly proud of my little Adria. She is healthy, happy, growing... and she is getting her first tooth! I noticed her lower left front tooth broke through last night as we were playing in the bath. It was actually quite a surprise, because I think her behavior had been perfectly normal!

I am so proud of how she's growing, and how she's adapting to our "training". She's now sleeping sweet through most nights from 10:30ish through 7:30ish, she is taking the spoon pretty well and I've been able to control her hands and keep her happy sitting at the dinner table for limited periods of time. And now her little tooth. It's a sign of growth, and as proud as I am of her, it also caused my breath to catch temporarily in my chest--she's absolutely delightful, but she's not a newborn anymore! Somehow the seemingly early arrival of that tooth has been a reminder that yes, she will grow up entirely too fast, and so to cherish her babyhood, and just each day I get with her.

It seems a bit dramatic to have one of these "my baby is growing up" moments over my 4-month old... but so much has happened in 4 months! And so much is on the verge of happening! May I take these moments to heart to be so very present and unselfish when it comes to her, to enjoy and make the most of every opportunity.

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  1. That's awesome! Congrats baby A! She's making such a great progress.