Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sweet Potato!

Well, after starting Adria over a month ago on rice cereal, I decided after her 5 month mark to introduce a few actual solids--vegetables! First there was squash. I boiled up a bag of frozen squash, blended it up and voila! Fresh homemade baby food! I thought it was yummy! Jason didn't really think so... And it made Adria cry. Was it not yummy, yummy, yummy, or was it the simple fact that the squash puree contained bits that didn't just melt in her mouth like the rice cereal? Ah, in any event, I still made her eat some throughout the week, just mixed in with her beloved rice cereal. :P

Not to be put out, the next week I offered her white potato--the kind you make mashed potatoes with! And I LOVE mashed potatoes! So, how did Adria like her baby version of mashed potatoes? No salt, pepper, butter, milk, etc? Head hanging in defeat. About as much as the squash. Although at least this time she didn't cry. And still, throughout the week, she's been eating potatoes along with her cereal. Ha!

And so still not to be defeated--tonight we tried sweet potato! And finally folks, we have a winner! She liked the sweet potato, first time around! (Although I did at least have the sense to mix it with her cereal from the beginning this time!)

I've been putting away ice cubes of the fresh baby food to pull out when Adria comes to her senses and realizes there is so much more out there than rice, and comes to love her veggies just like her mama! Or, to at least mix in with her rice cereal all along the way. :) Who knew--adventures in baby food!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring has sprung!

I always love this time of year, after the last freeze, when Jason and I both get stirrings to get active in the yard, when things start blooming and turning green-from-brown.

I planted our little garden yesterday evening, and am always so anxious to see things start to sprout up. Romaine lettuce (already started, so the only thing sprouted yet!), baby carrots, peppers, cukes, tomatos, yellow squash, string beans, and even basil and cilantro. Stir up the cold earth, add dirt, plant seeds, mulch, water, and wait. I can't wait.

I love this time of year.

As an aside, we've semi, kind of been introducing a few vegetables to Adria, which she hasn't been too keen on. She loves her rice cereal and will eat with abandon! But the yellow squash and white potato she's tried so far... She fakes a little baby gag and pushes the offending veggies out with her tongue. So, we'll just have to keep mixing with rice cereal for now. It may be a bit far off to be excited for her to get to enjoy the fresh produce from our little garden, but the fruits of our labor are a bit far off now too, so maybe by the time we get our first harvest she'll be a little more willing. Hope so!

Happy to announce...

So after a month or so of teething, of infections going through our house, of Adria learning how to flip from her tummy to her back, but not from her back to her tummy, and of doing away with the 10 p.m. feeding only to bring it back, I am happy to announce...

we all slept through the night again last night!

Adria's doing so well at 5 months, I really have so few complaints, and am just so proud. But. It's a welcome rest, and hopefully we'll be able to settle in to a pattern again of sleeping long through the nights very quickly!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Letter to my daughter (14)

My dearest Adria,

It doesn't happen often, but yesterday you fell asleep in my arms and I held onto your tiny self while you took your afternoon nap. It doesn't happen often because we try and let you nap in your bed--you sleep better there--and usually after 5-10 minutes you cry it out and are fast asleep. But yesterday after a trip to the Home Depot with your dad before he headed on to work and we headed on home, you had a hard time settling into your crib. You just looked so tired, and I couldn't bear to just leave you to cry, so you snuggled into my shoulder and I watched a Netflix re-run of Grey's Anatomy, and I so much enjoyed just holding you while you slept. I didn't try to put you back in your crib, didn't try to multi-task or get anything else done, I just enjoyed being with you. You melt my heart so often just by being you, and you'll only be this little with things this simple for a short while. So even though I know I was "supposed to" let you sleep in the crib, I think we both re-charged from the snuggle!

I love your shaky little breath as you quit crying and settle into my shoulder. I love the opening and closing of your little hands as you drift off to sleep. I love the smell of your hair, and face. I love how soft and warm you are, and your sweet deep breaths once you finally drift off. I love stopping and just being with you in the quiet and still. I just love you.

Anyway, I enjoyed naptime yesterday, baby girl. Thanks!

All my heart,

Friday, March 18, 2011

We do what we can

Sometimes the world seems so big and full of hurt it makes me feel so small and powerless. I am astonished at the things that are front-page news these days--between the uprisings throughout the mid-east, the atrocious civil war in Libya, and the utter tragedy that keeps going from bad to worse in Japan, I wish I had something more to give! (I actually looked at what it would take for me to be trained as an EMT--and I am NOT cut out for medicine!)

It's no secret I've been barely holding on spiritually these last months. But all I can do in the face of such great tragedy is just keep holding on. And hoping for God to save. And not to remove his hand of blessing from upon me and my family. Because even in the midst of such sadness, I feel so rich and so blessed.

So I think. What can I do? From where my life is these days, what can I do?

And the high calling I'm answering right now is to love my husband and my daughter, and to WORK for their good. To give to them the same passion by which I'm moved for those in Japan. And to just do what I can from where I am. I read an article that mentioned very briefly in one line that a hospital in Japan fears running out of milk and food for the babies--and that one line stopped me cold. So what my family can do, must do, is what we can. And for today that means buying up formula and rice cereal and doing whatever I have to do to get it to that hospital. (Hopefully through my local Red Cross!)

What that also means is to be so grateful and thankful for each day of peace and plenty I get. Not to feel guilty that I have it so good when there are unimaginable sorrows out there. And not to be afraid that it'll inevitibly happen to us. But to appreciate the good that I'm living in.

So. Things that make me so grateful these days:

When Adria is crying and I'm so frustrated, and I go in to pick her up and she immediately stops and just snuggles into my shoulder with one shaky breath, as if she's thinking "RELIEF!"

How soft Adria is! Really, how are babies so soft?

The way that loving Adria has made me love all babies (and most mamas) more and more.

And the news that a good friend is expecting!

The way my hubby still makes my heart flutter. And makes me laugh. And the way we still love talking to each other.

And beautiful blue skies over warm spring days, with growing things starting to poke out of the ground. Fresh, clean air. I may have to get in the garden this weekend. And I can't wait to share that with Adria.

Having enough to share. Even if postage to Japan makes my heart stop temporarily. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Baby's first tooth!

Hanging out with mom and dad!

Baby hands and baby feet!

Playing with cousin Brayden at Gamma and Poppy's!

Sleeping sweet on my 5th monthday!

Nanny's heirloom pearls!

5th monthday picture in my chair!

And tooth #2!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

And here comes #2!

Well, little Adria's first tooth may have been getting lonely in the 4 days it was by its self, so tooth #2 has come to join it! We knew it was coming this time, and it finally broke through yesterday (bless her heart). She seemed to have had more toothing symptoms this time, so hopefully she'll get back to taking great naps and eating plenty to grow big and strong soon. Until tooth #3 shows up, that is! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby's first tooth!

I am heart wrenchingly proud of my little Adria. She is healthy, happy, growing... and she is getting her first tooth! I noticed her lower left front tooth broke through last night as we were playing in the bath. It was actually quite a surprise, because I think her behavior had been perfectly normal!

I am so proud of how she's growing, and how she's adapting to our "training". She's now sleeping sweet through most nights from 10:30ish through 7:30ish, she is taking the spoon pretty well and I've been able to control her hands and keep her happy sitting at the dinner table for limited periods of time. And now her little tooth. It's a sign of growth, and as proud as I am of her, it also caused my breath to catch temporarily in my chest--she's absolutely delightful, but she's not a newborn anymore! Somehow the seemingly early arrival of that tooth has been a reminder that yes, she will grow up entirely too fast, and so to cherish her babyhood, and just each day I get with her.

It seems a bit dramatic to have one of these "my baby is growing up" moments over my 4-month old... but so much has happened in 4 months! And so much is on the verge of happening! May I take these moments to heart to be so very present and unselfish when it comes to her, to enjoy and make the most of every opportunity.