Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things that are going on (pics to follow)

Well. I have pretty much wasted my Sunday night time since Adria went to bed. I sat in our spare bedroom watching Netflix--not at all working out, writing anything brilliant, or even connecting the camera to the computer to view the numerous pictures I've been snapping.

I still can't feel too bad for that use of time.

However. There are some things going on that are worth mentioning.

Adria had her 4 month check-up on Friday, and she got an A+ from the doctor! She's gone down in her "percentages" a bit, but is still growing, strong, happy, healthy, and overall doing great and right on track. She had 3 more rounds of vaccinations, which we both shed a few tears over, but they were short lived and we were both smiling shortly thereafter with almost no other ill effects. And the doctors continue to advise on how to keep Adria moving forward, and give her all she needs. For example, we're going to try and quit her Zantac Rx, since hopefully her esophogus has developed enough to control her reflux on her own. I'm going to start trying dairy again in small moderation. And...

Adria is eating from a spoon! I think the rice cereal/milk mixture seems like it could double as paper mache paste, but so far she's done really well learning the spoon, and is even able to get SOME down the hatch, as opposed to tongue-thrusting it all out. Quite proud of her. The doc said I could go to 2 rice cereal feedings a day, working up to a tablespoon of the stuff at each. For now we're basically still dabbling at it, and not counting on the cereal to provide her nutrition at this point. But there are times when she clearly has really got it, her baby bird impression having returned when she goes after the spoon. Also, it's never too early to learn table manners, so we've been enjoying eating a few meals at the table with her after she's done eating, and by and large she doesn't mind sitting at the table while we eat. Hopefully she'll just get so used to sitting at the table like a family it'll be no big deal come time for restaurants, or things like family Thanksgiving dinners. (Trying to teach good habits from the beginning, and I'm so proud at how adaptable she is!) So the long and short of this report is--we're both learning this exciting new skill (she how to eat from a spoon, and I how to feed her from it!), and by the time she really should be solid on solids, I think she'll be just fine!

And--we're so close to Adria being able to sit on her own. She's a champ at the bumbo and in her little activity center. She wiggles all over me like I'm a jungle gym when I'm holding her and we're just chilling. And this evening I propped her up inside her u-shaped boppy pillow, and she managed it all on her own. Don't know how long she can sit on her own (with the prop) before just flopping over, buuut... Pretty soon. (I'm excited for her to learn to sit on her own because I think it'll open up another whole new world of play for her.)

Finally, in contemplating writing this post it occurred to me that I may not be as interesting as I once was. The things I'm interested in have shifted. I was excited to write a post about all the things that are going on in our little world, of course which mostly revolve around Adria. But I am a mom now. I smell like milk and I'm proud of it. My heart melts when Adria smiles at me, or cries to me. I make decisions concerning her ALL THE TIME. And I think she is probably the most important thing I'm investing myself in right now. So even if I can't talk about or do as many interesting things as I used to, my daughter loves me. Follows me. Smiles for me. And she thinks I'm interesting, and hilarious, and somehow worth stopping crying for. And the funnest, most interesting person I know can't offer that. So I'm okay with just being interesting enough for my girl. Because I'm so interested in her.


  1. I think you are so interesting and I love hearing about her!! So glad she's doing well and progressing. We miss you guys...