Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Small update

Just by means of a small update, the pictures have been added to the previous post, and I think are interesting enough to check out (but we all know what I think is interesting!) :)

And, I just wanted to share how pleased we've been in the few days Adria has been at Little Adventures. Both times I went to see her at lunch so far she's been sitting on the floor with one of the workers, and yesterday there was a sweet-chubby-boy-crawling-baby interacting with her too, and just coming in to see her as a part of things has been really good for Jason and I. We're hoping we've found her little home away from home while we're unable to be with her. Still cautious, but definitely optimistic and breathing a little easier.


  1. Fabulous news!! Really been praying for you guys:)

  2. So glad it's been better...but I'm still pulling for you guys to move here so I can take care of her for you!! I hope you continue to feel pleased and know that she is well taken care of during the day. Miss you guys.

  3. That's great news! I only hope it stays that way!

    On a completely random note, your blog headline still says "we're expecting our first" heh. Maybe you should change that.

  4. Em--I'm hoping that same thing!! (I secretly thought Bradford might get jealous of that other sweet chubby boy crawling baby! But he's got nothing on the B-man!)

    And Kat--whoops! :) Sometime soon! (I may re-vamp the whole thing... something a little more flashy??) Haha.

    Love you girls!