Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It just keeps getting better

So far, day by day, each day with Adria has been my favorite. They build on the one before and my love for her KEEPS GROWING, and it just keeps getting better. I LOVED her as a tiny little meowing newborn, so tiny and perfect in my arms. And she was sweet as could be as a growing infant, big pretty eyes beginning to take in the world around her. It's been amazing to watch her start to engage the world around her and exert some control over her body and to watch her exercise her will. She's babbling, holding onto things, smiling, starting to laugh, and can almost sit on her own. Each day, better than the last.

That means today is my favorite day with my little love so far. And my favorite moments and memories are still to come!


  1. I LOVE these pictures...she is so stinkin cute! And I agree, it only gets better each day. So you have so many wonderful days to look forward to. We love you guys and your baby girl!

  2. Gosh she is adorable! I bet each new day is going to be even better. Sending you much love from here!