Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy 4th monthday, Adria!

Adria and I thought it would be fun to show everyone how she celebrated her fourth monthday:

We started out with the obligatory "princess on her throne" picture.

After which she contemplated streaking.

But she decided she's not that kind of girl, so instead she just chewed on her favorite accessory--the burpcloth.

After a fabulous day partying it up at daycare (where she napped WITHOUT her swaddle!), she enjoyed a wild time at home in her activity center.

And I mean a wild time!

After a short leg workout

She contemplated chewing on G-raffe's ears for a while.

Which she decided was a good idea, and then went for it.

And just like her mama, she can't resist a new outfit, so we tried on her new leggings, and she again found herself in the chair. Don't know why her hair looks so red! In real life it's just a lovely light brown color! Don't know how I can ever convince you after looking at these pictures.

And after a sensible dinner, she snacked on her first real serving of rice cereal--from the spoon! (Remember mom--AFTER the sensible dinner! After!) She really did GREAT. After she'd already eaten her regular meal. After.

See that chin? Most of it made it down, but there's a little proof leftover.

She was a very good girl sitting at the dinner table and modeling her new "A" bib while mommy had a bite to eat, and then enjoyed an evening bath complete with froggies and duckies. You can tell she really enjoyed it because tonight those little legs wouldn't stay still! I suppose "splashing in the bathtub" is supposed to mean with hands... but she was working the legs out tonight!

We read lots of stories before bedtime, and then she was out like a light.

You're mommy's darling. Happy Monthday, Adria!

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