Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowy, sicky, sleepy, and saying goodbye

Last Sunday evening (a week ago now) the Georgia skies opened up and dumped beautiful white powder on everything around! And I mean powder! It was the kind of snow that was good for crunching under boots, forming snowballs and snowmen, and especially for sledding! Jason and I had some fun outdoors with a trash bag and piece of cardboard while Adria napped, and then she got her first taste of the white stuff too. Doesn't seem to have liked it as much as her mommy and daddy! All in due time. She still doesn't like baths as much as I do either.

But because we live in Georgia, and because in Georgia all snow leads to ice, we were iced out of work and in the house for an extra 2 days! Schools were closed all week, but I had to drag my butt back to work on Wednesday. And of course by "drag my butt" I mean get Jason to drive me through the snow, slush and ice and deliver me to my office. And then come back and pick me up at the end of the day. :)

I hate it that our little Adria has come down with her first cold. We've taken her to the doctor about it TWICE (because we're new parents, she's a new girl, and none of us have ever dealt with baby-colds before), the first time last week to address her congestion, and this week to address her cough. Both times the doctor told us we're as lucky as can be, considering we have a little sick baby, but it started out as just a head cold, and her cough is just a natural progression of it working its way out. (Sidenote: we've found a really wonderful doctor. We started out with one who was just a bit... cold, or sterile, or, funny as it sounds, professional for our tastes. But within the same practice we started seeing one Dr. Elder, who listens to us, but always talks to little Adria, and treats all of our concerns with legitimacy. Yup. We like him.)

In any event, I was sooo happy about the snow days, as much because it was another break for me from work, but because I got to stay home and snuggle and watch and care for our sick little baby! She's been surprisingly happy throughout her first cold, however, still smiling, and even giving us her first real laugh. As always, I'm so happy that she's happy! She actually sat out of daycare all week, and after I had to go back to work, she and her Daddy got to spend their days together. All around good stuff there. AND, we're celebrating MLK this weekend, so she'll get to stay out of daycare from last Saturday through this coming Monday--nearly a week and a half! Anyway, I'm happy about that because we know she's getting the BEST care, and staying on her schedule and getting plenty of rest

Which brings me to "sleepy"! I had been HOPING and PRAYING that little Adria would be sleeping through the night by the time I got back to work, but as I've been back for a month now, it still hasn't happened. For a while I was still getting up with her in the night and giving her a "pat, pat, shh, shh", patent pending, and putting her back to sleep without middle of the night feedings. But alas, she still kept waking up. And then she got sick. And I just felt so sorrrry for her, so the late night feeding is back. I'm still hopeful that sleeping through the night will happen soon, maybe when she starts feeling better from her cold. Sigh. I was thinking about it the other day, and even though she's just 3 months old now, it may have been a full year since I've slept through the night! I'm still hoping and praying, and looking forward to it for both our sakes. Maybe once she's feeling better my late night "pat, pat, shh, shh" move will make another appearance.

And finally. I also received the news this week that we're losing my Nanny. She's well in her 80s, has raised 6 boys, has 8 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren (including Adria), not to mention daughters-in-law, and grandchildren-in-law. But she has congestive heart failure, and is getting weaker day by day and starting to slip away from us. My Nanny has always been special and precious to me, and even though she has 4 granddaughters, I feel like I've always been something special and precious to her too. I started getting her to tell me "her story" a year or so ago, and have been amazed and drawn in by her life, and enjoyed writing some of it down. I got to have some special 1 on 1 time with her last year when she was doing very poorly and I made it to her bedside. She bounced back from that, and I was thrilled to get to introduce her to her littlest great-grandchild in November, and they had some very special times together. I haven't been able to go to her yet, because of little Adria's sickness, and because Adria so generously shared it with me too. I am hoping to get to go soon, but am glad for the sweet and special times I've gotten with her 1 on 1 in the past that I fear I may not get anymore of even if I were able to be with her. She's on my mind a lot, of course, and with all my heart and prayers I wish her so much comfort and peace, and that when she is welcomed into God's heavenly kingdom, she's able to dance before him in a way she hasn't been able to move for years. I love you, Nanny!


  1. So sorry to hear about your Nanny. She sounds like a wonderful woman, and I am glad that Adria got to meet her. Glad you guys enjoyed the snow too and those pictures of her are so adorable!

  2. Just got caught up on all of the blog updates! I've been missing the whole blog thing... I need to get back into this! I love all of the beautiful pictures!! Adria is growing so much and is sooo amazing! :) I love you and miss you!