Friday, December 3, 2010

Today was a good day!

I know there's some country song that goes like that, "Today was a good day", and I'm singing it in my head!

Adria has been doing better all around, but today was just especially good! She slept... drumroll please... 7 hours last night, and incidentally, so did her mommy! And then, miracle of miracles, she took a 2 hour nap first thing! And napped during the rest of her naptimes too, although admittedly not nearly as well. Oh well, you can't be perfect all the time! But she is napping, and is definitely on her schedule now, it seems, so that's been cool for me too.

We started decorating our Christmas tree 2 days ago and I guess just got tuckered out halfway through, so left a disaster in the living room and yhe tree half decorated. We finished it off yesterday, though, and I'm sooo happy to be sitting here in the glow of my beautiful Christmas tree. It just makes it seem like the Christmas season has arrived. (And, the disaster is now carefully contained in boxes. Strewn around the living room. Hey, that's progress, isn't it?)

And of course one of the best things--Little Adria is a smiler! Not all the time, definitely. Sometimes days will pass with no smile! But today she was teasing me with it--she showed it to me a few times. Sometimes I don't even know what she's smiling at--it's not me! (Like when I've got her on the changing table and I'm turned throwing a stinker in the trash and then turn around and there it is sure thing--a smile! Just hanging out on the changing table!) But I saw a few more of them today, and am just sooo happy that she's happy!

I have a beautiful and sweet baby girl who I'm crazy about. I love talking to her and hearing her little sounds back to me, I love when she sticks her tongue out at me, I love snuggling with her, and I love her smile. And today was a good day.

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