Monday, December 20, 2010


Some days I am just so... satisfied. We have got a beautiful life, albeit a little messy, and certainly far from perfect. But I've got a fabulous husband, and we're in love. My darling baby girl is such a light and joy in my life. All our bills are paid, we have people around us who love and care for us, and basically, life is good. (God is good.)

We had a visit on Friday afternoon from some of Jason and my dear friends who moved away from us over the summer, the Nelsons. We got to enjoy Andy and Emily, and baby Bradford and big (K9) sister Opal for the afternoon, and it was just sooo nice to get to sit and talk face to face. Emily has been a source of encouragement and wisdom for me where Adria has been concerned from the start, and I think we truly could text back and forth for hours at a time. So the actual conversation was fast paced and refreshing. It was fun to get to watch them meet our little Adria, and it was sooo much fun to get to watch their little man Bradford! He's gotten so big, with so much personality, and the boy can walk! He's right at 11 months, and has changed so much since we last saw him! We truly love their little one, and it's something special to know that they genuinely love our child as well.

Saturday I packed up little Adria, hooked up with my lifelong friend Brandy, and we hightailed it to Villa Rica to help celebrate my nephew's 4th birthday. I have to set the scene like this: when we walked in the door there was the birthday boy, ready to greet us fully decked out from head to toe as Buzz Lightyear. It was fabulous! The boy LOVES Toy Story, and we enjoyed his 4 year old Toy Story themed birthday party, complete with pin the horsey tail on "Bullseye", Toy Story bingo and trivia. In fact, even the snacks and goodies were Toy Story themed--sugar cut out cookies in the shapes of Woody's hat and sheriff's badge, and cupcakes decorated as the Toy Story aliens and Bo Peep's 3 sheeps. (Pretty cool.) We just got him some jammies, since Christmas is coming right around the corner as well, but for whatever reason the boy loved them, and just loves me, and gave me the biggest 4-year-old hug imaginable! I love to hug and kiss him and tell him how much I love him and how special he is to me, and somehow he just gets it. I love it that he receives that love from me. Oh, and how cute is this. He also loves his little cousin Adria--when she was going down for her nap he went into his closet looking for something, and came out with his Woody doll for her to snuggle with while she napped! She's not really a snuggler yet since I still keep her swaddled, but what a generous and loving little boy! I've got my favorite girl, and he's definitely my favorite boy! How sweet.

And the last and latest big thing is... drum roll please... our first babysitter! My dear husband asked me out to go to a party with him! (His boss was having a housewarming party and he thought it was important that he go, and he wanted me to go too.) So Sunday afternoon we packed our little one up and dropped her off for our first time away from her. We left her with our friends CJ and Zach Greene, the wonderful and proud parents of 3 children themselves (they had 3 under 3, so they know how to handle babies!), so we were comfortable and happy to leave Adria in such good hands. They said she had a great time, smiling at CJ, enjoying watching the hub-bub of their children, and completely taken in by watching Toy Story herself! It's strange, because when we finally got back to the house (it was about from 4-8 or so--the party was in Dahlonega), little Adria started to cry when she first heard and saw me! I'm thinking it was because she realized at that moment that she wasn't being held by me and hadn't been with me, and because she realized how much she'd missed me! Surely that was it! But in any event I got her back in my arms and we snuggled some while Jason and I got a chance to chat with CJ and Zach some before heading back home. And then my sweetie went down well for the night and slept from about 10:45-5:15 a.m. or so. Not a bad 6.5 hours, and I think her fun time with the Greenes the night before just wore her out!

So you can see what a blessed woman I am. I love, and I am loved. My heart just remains so full. I have love and fear and hope and surprises, I just feel so much, and my heart is full and satisfied. Praise to God!


  1. It was so great to get to see you and Adria is just perfect. Glad to see you guys got a babysitter...CJ is awesome, and what cute pictures!! Thanks for letting us visit for a while. I already look forward to seeing you again and seeing how much little A has grown.

  2. Aww I can't believe he's already 4! I still remember when you had that sign on your door that said 'Elizabeth has a gooey baby' :-D Man, it's been *that* long since you guys have been here. I am very happy for you and Jason though and hope you'll be able to come visit sometime in the near future. Sending you loads of love!