Tuesday, December 28, 2010

John is an idiot.

I just dropped off Adria for her first day of daycare. Jason and I each drove down to the little school to be a part of her first day and then to head our separate ways. She was sweet as could be getting into her little classroom, and I even got to swaddle her and lay her down in what will be her crib while she's there. She usually sleeps on her tummy at home, but that's against the rules there, so I laid her down on her back, and she just watched me and smiled! I know she's tired because of her routine, but we left while she was still awake and wide-eyed. So I hope by now she's sleeping soundly and dreaming happy things. (I watched her sleep in the car on the way back from Dublin, and her little mouth made sucking motions in her sleep--I hope she has those kind of dreams today!) I think it'll be harder on me than on her, and I'm already looking forward to my lunch break when I'm planning to visit and nurse. Ugh... first full day back at work, I want you to go quickly!

Also, I shared with one person so far this morning that I'd just left Adria at daycare. And do you know what he felt compelled to share in return? How the nuns at his Catholic school growing up had abused him, hadn't let him use the bathroom and had struck him in the face with a yardstick. Seriously John? That's the story you think is appropriate to share this morning?

What an idiot.

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  1. Wow, he is an idiot! I hope the first day back full-time isn't too terribly long, and that she makes some new friends in Daycare!