Sunday, December 5, 2010

Best dog ever

We lost our Max-dog today. He was hit by a car while running home from a romp, and made it all the way back to Jason before falling down. He died right there, and it's been quite a shock. It's taken all day long to sink in, but this evening the house is just too quiet and feels a little too lonely.

Here's some of the best of our times with ol' Max dog.

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  1. Oh this makes me so sad. I love all the pictures of dearest Max dog, and we all miss him around here. He truly was a wonderful dog, and Andy, Opal, Bradford, and I feel honored to have known him. There will never be a better boyfriend for Opal, or any dog with as much energy as Max that when the two of them saw each other, they could not contain their excitement but ran around like crazy. We love him!