Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Month Day Adria! (11th letter to my daughter)

Dearest Adria,

I like to call you "Little Peep", because every once in a while, awake or asleep, a tiny peep will escape your lips, seemingly out of nowhere! And that's exactly what it sounds like: "Peep!" I love your little peeps!

We could also call you "Little Squeak". I actually think if we were Native Americans, that's what your name would be. Needless to say, you squeak, too. This happens more when you cry--it's kind of like "Wah, squeak! Wah, squeak! Wah, squeak!" I hate it when something makes you cry, but at the same time, I think most everything you do is cute.

I love watching you wake up in the mornings or when you've had a good nap. You love to stretch and yawn, and after a while, your eyes will open, tentatively, one first. Then you'll squint them both open. And when you're waking up you let out this series of little toots! (I also like to call you "Tootie".) The record for this so far is 4 toots.

You LOVE to eat. I think you play more when you eat than any other time. Granted your main activities are still eating and sleeping, but there's a little bit of playtime in there too when you'll want to snuggle, or we'll read books, or you enjoy some tummy time. But you do a great baby bird impression, and since I don't think you can always see where your mouth is aiming, your misdirection is sometimes pretty fun to watch, especially when you're particularly excited.

In the middle of a deep sleep you will sometimes flail your arms about as though startled. I wonder what you're dreaming about that startles you so. And sometimes you sleep with your arms up in the air. It looks like you're about to start directing a music concert any minute. But--you're still asleep!

You get the hiccups multiple times a day. Your daddy thinks it happens reliably after you eat, before your nap. I'm not sure it's always so reliable, but it definitely happens multiple times a day. They don't seem to bother you, though--you've had them for months before you were born, too!

You HATE your bath. You're hating it less and less, but still, the hatred is solidly intact. We've tried lots of different things, but the thing that seems to work best at this point is just dipping you in and wiping you down as fast as possible! You don't seem to mind snuggling afterward, so I know you forgive us. And I know being clean doesn't REALLY hurt. Even though it may seem like it does.

You ALSO hate the car seat. Possibly more than baths. But that would make sense, because you stay in the car seat longer. Unfortunately I don't have many tricks about that one to make it any more comfortable for you! You do however, have great taste in car music!

You smell like milk all the time. Consequently I do too! (I should probably do more about this, but as I mentioned--you hate those baths!) So now it's funny to me when people say how much they like the way babies smell!

You love to snuggle after a good feeding. I love it that you'll put your arms around me (as far as they'll go!) and hold on. I never want to move from that position after that. You usually get tired of it before I do.

Your favorite place to hang out, most of the time, is on Daddy's chest. I think he's particularly good at bouncing you! Or he smells better than I do.

I love our night time feedings. Of course I love my sleep too. But I love you more. And being with you more. You've started skipping a night time feeding here and there, and I have to tell you, I miss them when you skip. While I'm looking forward to solid nights of sleep, I know I'll be sad to see our special times together go.

You are a month old. You are fabulous! And I love you all the way from here to the moon. And back.

Love always,
your mama

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