Monday, November 29, 2010


Well, last Tuesday, after a particularly hard night with a fussy baby and realizing she'd only slept a cumulative 8.5 hours in a 24 hour period (as opposed to the 12-16 hours recommended), while her mama was still convinced the problem was that she couldn't sleep, her daddy observed her spitting up, the fact that she'd be almost asleep then something would jerk her out of it, and that it seemed like her stomach was upset, and decided it had to be something else. After that realization, (why'd it take so long? Why'd she have to keep getting worse and worse before I realized?) we were on the phone with the pediatrician, and before we knew it had an appointment that afternoon for our first "problem" doctor's appointment. We saw a new doctor on this visit and I really liked him, and after he'd heard little Adria's symptoms and checked her out, he decided it sounded like reflux, gave me a little advice such as certain foods to avoid and positioning to let gravity help little Adria's digestion, and we got a prescription for some reflux medicine. Nearly a week later, I'm happy to say it seems like it's really done the trick--her spit up isn't nearly the problem it had been, she's feeling better and overall less fussy, and praise the Lord she's been able to sleep!

Granted, since as it turns out I'd been nursing a sick little girl, it did ease some of my frustration about her being unable to sleep. I'd gotten away from putting Little Miss down if she was crying at all, and so she insisted that I hold her and rock her until she fell asleep. The problem was that even as she was improving, she wouldn't fall asleep easily, and she'd cry whenever I went to put her down. My running joke was, "What's the quickest way to wake up a sleeping baby? Put her in the crib!" So basically I ended up holding Adria for about 3 days, but after consulting 3 different very trusted mommy friends, I decided there was no other option any longer--for my sanity I had to put her down! She was healthy, clean, well fed, had been burped and even cooed at and played with--it was time to put her down and allow her to cry it out. On Friday I started with her naps in the middle of the day so I was well enough rested that I could go through the process with her, and so I put her down in her crib, clean and comfy, and I started the timer when she started crying--10 minutes. I sat in my rocker in the room with her, like I said, to go through the transition with her as opposed to just throwing her in the crib and walking away (an ugly thought that sometimes accompanies those three little words--crying it out). After 10 minutes she was still crying a little and I picked her up and rocked her and kissed and held her and told her everything was alright and that I loved her, and then she went back in the crib and I started my timer again. And during that second 10 minutes, she fell fast asleep and slept for over an hour! Just enough encouragement for me to keep going with it. So... we are a family that's trying to let our little lady cry it out. I'd say it's been marginally successful so far, but I have seen a definite improvement in her nap times, and finally I'm able to go to the bathroom on my own! And obviously I've been able to get online again, even if it's just a little at a time! :) So I think that's a good thing!

But, the fact is, from these 2 happenings, my baby is happier. Her stomach isn't hurting her anymore, she's still eating well (by the way, she weighed in at 10 pounds at her doctor's appointment! My sweet growing girl!), and now she's sleeping much better. Within days of starting the medicine and about the same time I began allowing her to cry it out, instead of a look of concern I began to see the first signs that she might want to smile, and today, it happened for real! I saw my baby's sweet smile for the first time today, and I have to tell you (completely unbiased), it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Hope to get a picture soon, but for now I'm just cherishing that beautiful face every time I see it, and thinking about her happy smile while we're getting through the crying times.

I love her to pieces, feeling good or bad, sleeping well or not, but I'm oh so happy that she's happy! :)

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  1. I know the crying it out is so tough! I'm glad that she is not feeling bad anymore and that the medicine helped. Hopefully, she will find an ease with going to sleep soon. It did take a while for the B man to get there too, to where he didn't cry when we laid him down. I felt like we went through a lot of ups and downs, when some times it seemed flawless and others he just cried and cried. She will get there though! So glad you got to see her beautiful smile.