Friday, October 1, 2010

Obligatory weekly update

I suppose as we're coming down the home stretch in this pregnancy, I feel all the more as if I should keep people updated about how things are progressing for me and Baby Adria. I enjoy the kindness of my friends and family asking how we're doing, and besides TIRED!!!, the answer has consistently been very good.

At my 38 week appointment this morning, we're still not dialated at all, which means Adria continues just slow cooking to perfection. I feel as though letting people know that helps them to relax around me, and may take some stress or expectations off me as well--neither I nor anyone else is ready to hit the "Panic! It's time!" button just yet.

I AM a bit more uncomfortable, have a bit more trouble putting on shoes, reaching things off the floor, etc, and the belly actually aches a little more than it has before. Adria is stronger than ever, of course, and has been exercising her little hands, knees and feet daily in my abdomen (which may contribute to the aches!), and the added weight I'm carrying around is making it harder to get comfortable to sleep--mostly in my hips--but for now we're both just slow cooking and continuing to prepare. Things like doing the dishes, sweeping the floor and putting my shoes away have taken a back seat to getting a good meal and a good nap, but I don't mind that too terribly much. I don't think Jason does either.

But there are a few things I need to get done. I wish I had more focus at work to really wrap things up. And as a small confession--I still haven't changed my name officially from when Jason and I were married over two and a half years ago, and I really want to do that before Adria comes and any names are placed on her birth certificate! I feel like I need to get a diaper pail for the nursery and maybe do another load of laundry or two of her tiny sizes we'll use at first. I still have to pack my hospital bag, and may still need to search out the perfect homecoming outfit for her. Oh, and I want to clean my car! But, if she comes at any time we'll be ready for her. Still it's nice to know I have a bit longer to prepare, though.

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  1. I was going to post a cute baby related pic but comments won't accept that HTML. Oh well. I'm glad you're both doing fine and soon will be ready for grand finale! :)