Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2 weeks old!

Little Adria turned 2 weeks old yesterday! Hard to take how time is flying, especially knowing that I'll only get 12 weeks at home with her before I have to go back to work! People have all shared this advice: cherish every moment, really be there and soak it all in, because these times will go too quickly. Already I can sense it's true!

I am so proud of little Adria, and truly believe she is thriving; we're doing well with establishing a somewhat regular pattern of daytime/nighttime activities, and she's still eating very well. We went to see the doctor for her 2 week check-up yesterday, and she confirmed how well it seems like Little A is doing.

*When she was born she was 20" and 8 lbs 3 oz.

*At her first check up at 2 days old, the day after we were discharged from the hospital, she weighed in at 7 lbs 13 oz.

*And yesterday she'd re-gained her birth weight plus a little, at 8 lbs 7 oz, and 21 1/4 inches! (We think she probably didn't actually grow a whole inch in 2 weeks, but just uncurled a little bit! I didn't think of that at first and was just shocked to think she could have already grown so quickly, so the idea of uncurling has helped Mommy immensely!)

In any event, things are going beautifully, and little Baby A is doing great as well!

Here we are at a late night feeding--I love how she's got her little arms around me!

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  1. What a sweet picture. I'm so glad you are cherishing every moment, because when people say that it is sure true! It goes so quickly, and before you know it, those late night feedings will not happen anymore. Glad to see she's growing too...go Adria! Can't wait to meet her in just a few weeks.