Saturday, October 9, 2010

1 week and counting

PERHAPS I should have posted yesterday, in case anyone were wondering if it was just another blase blah doctor's appointment this week or if anything were really happening! But--like so many things these days, it just didn't happen! ***But, so as not to draw this out in case anyone is STILL wondering, it WAS just another doctor's appointment yesterday--no dilation, and still just 50% effaced.***

Not really any big deal, especially considering we're not due until next Friday. She's still got another week to cook, so it seems like my baby wants to be slow-roasted to perfection! She's still been acting the same, and I still feel the same, so I'm sure she's not coming just yet.

My mom and I decided that she COULD just be waiting for me to pack my bag for the hospital, and she was just staying put because she knew that despite my confident "yes, I think we're ready, I just want her to come!"s, she knew we weren't really. "Ready mom? What am I going to wear home from the hospital, hmm? Have you thought about that yet? And will you finally put my special little seat in the car??" Jason has since installed the car seat, and I have since packed our bags, so I can now say with confidence, "yes, I think we're ready, I just want her to come!"

It's a mixed bag of emotions, really. I truly do want her out, and want to experience and know and love my little baby in my arms now. I want to kiss her face and count her fingers and toes and snuggle her warm cuddly baby body. But I know that I will miss her wiggles in my belly, and even the sharp pangs she's been giving me in my hips lately. I'll miss being THIS close to her. On top of that--I really don't know what to do with a little baby! (I ease that concern by reminding myself--change her, love her, feed her, and I think between Jason and myself we can handle that...) And I suppose the icing on this mixed bag of emotions is the curiosity and anxiety about labor itself. Although as I've said before, crazy or not, I'm not really worried or scared, but more curious and looking forward to it. Still, it IS a mixed bag...

I HAVE been having contractions what seems like all the time. But at this point I think they're still just the Braxton Hicks--not a lot of umph behind them, and I'm told that generally true labor isn't subtle! But it's been enough to get me excited and to get my mind wondering what, when, how... etc. I've pretty much got things wrapped up at work, so that's one thing I won't have to worry about the next few weeks. I'm not sure if I'll be out altogether for maternity leave starting on Monday, or if I'll be in and out, kind of part time. I have a ton of things I still could do at home while we're waiting (like groceries, cleaning, the laundry, TAKING A NAP, etc.) But in any event, I don't have to worry about work anymore, so that's a good thing. I suppose the thing about babies is, you can never really know what to expect, so being open and prepared may be the order of the day.

Little Baby Adria--I know that I don't know exactly what all this looks like, but I think we're open and prepared! We're ready for your arrival! Come on out!

Man, I already love this little munchkin!


  1. Only 4 days now until the due date! :-D Whoop whoop!

  2. I take that back as she arrived on Monday! CONGRATULATIONS!!!