Monday, September 27, 2010

Signs the baby is coming soon...

1. Your belly button sticks out--where do you think those Thanksgiving Turkey companies got that idea?

2. You've officially run out of room in your abdomen to eat. Miraculously you still pee all the time, but no room for food.

3. The baby starts trying to claw or kick herself out the side of your stomach. Down, baby! Go down!

4. Inexplicably, even though you can hardly roll over in bed, silly things in the house just have to be cleaned--for me it was the toilets and sweeping the kitchen floor. Okay, so maybe it's not actual nesting yet...

5. You start referring to Braxton Hicks by his first name, as if you were old friends.

6. Laughing too hard or activities that require twisting like driving on a winding road or backing up a car make you feel as if you've just had a work out.

Any others??


  1. So cute! We're excited for Baby A!

  2. I had to google "Braxton Hicks" haha. I've only now heard about the guy/those contractions from you. It says that "they are believed to be helpful in preparing your body for labor, even though no noticeable progress can be seen." Oh well. Hopefully it's the truth even if the progress can't be seen. Baby Adria's arrival is so close now! If I were you I'd totally make a cute little counter for the remaining days :-D