Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Golden Girls

That wonderfully popular '80s TV show "The Golden Girls" featuring Blanche, Sophia, Rose and Dorothy seems to have made a resurgence in recent days! In fact, I personally am a "fan" of Rose's Betty White on Facebook! (Everyone remember that AWESOME Superbowl commercial she was in?? So what is it that has lasted so well about that old TV show? It's this unshakable longing for and fulfillment that only comes through "heart friends".

I guess I've been somewhat sentimental, or insecure, or sensitive, or let's just say it--hormonal--these last few days, because something I've had on my mind and in my heart is this question: "Am I really ok?" I can't really explain the question any better than that, but it has something to do with at my core, is Who I Am really ok, or normal, or good enough, or acceptable? Of course my mom says I am, and thankfully, unwaveringly, so does my husband. But somehow for us women, there is acceptance or "okay-ness" that can only be expressed or nurtured in us through other women.

And I am pleased to say that in the blustering winds of all this insecurity, I have been blessed with at least 4 friends who come immediately to mind who have known me for years, who know me in and out--through the good times and the very very bad times, and who have stuck with me anyway, and the thought of your friendships, ladies, has helped me to remember during these shaky times, that I am okay. I know that I am ok because you've said so through your faithful love and friendship! Why else would you have stuck with me?

Sometimes even as a grown up it's hard and scary to make new friends, to let people in and risk that once they know you they won't really like you. And I've had some grown up relationships like that too--I just haven't clicked with everyone and made amazing new friendships with some of the women I've come across--even though they're amazing in their own rights! But you know what? I have come across a few "heart friends" in recent days too!

So between those golden friendships, girls, you're helping to sustain me, and you're helping to keep me opening up and to stretch and grow. I LOVE you girls, and I'm so grateful for what your friendships have meant for me and done in and for me in recent years.

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  1. I just love you and think you are so beyond "OK!" I struggle so much with the same thoughts though, so know what you mean but am so thankful for our friendship and appreciate you being someone who I can open up to as well. Thanks for being my friend too.