Monday, September 20, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

I have enjoyed this pregnancy so much, and as we're wrapping it up (finishing strong!), it's fun to think back over the last few months about some of my favorite experiences and things we've done so far:

like Jason's rocking 30th birthday party! I don't know if I've ever thrown a party that rocking! (That was the same day we found out about Baby A!)

and getting to see her first sonogram, and hear that heartbeat for the first time! Aaaamazing! That's when it became real! Absolutely a once in a lifetime experience to see life happening before your eyes like that for the first time!

or our 2 camping trips, once just Jason and myself, and once for our annual Memorial Day camping trip, along with several other fishing trips--anything to get us outdoors and into the woods! (And I have to say how PROUD I am of that HUGE fish I caught--the biggest one of the whole Memorial Day weekend!)

finding out about our baby GIRL, Jason's fabulous reaction, and the slow sweeping realization that I'm going to have a daughter of my very own! My own girl, and dare I be so bold--hopefully my own little mini-me!

EVERY time I hear her heartbeat.

or our numerous trips to the park and the lake with Max--I get such a kick out of watching him jump, chase and swim for that stinkin' ball he loves so much! In fact, Max has generally been more affectionate and mindful the last few months. I wonder if he knows he's getting a little sister?! I can't wait to see them together!

and of course hanging out at the little beach/lake park off Clarks Bridge Road... Pregnant or not, I LOVE being in the water! I loved packing up a lunch, and books, and sunscreen, and literally just soaking in those moments.

or going kayaking for the first time in the cove at Thompson Bridge Park. I can't believe we got to do that at 7-8 months pregnant (I can't remember when it was exactly), but like I said, I just want to be in the water! And they were REALLY easy going boats. And for the record, I didn't flip even once, but Jason did! Hee hee!

and even going out on little adventures--to hang out in Dahlonega with Jason, walking the square, eating ice cream, hanging out on the drill field. Or to Alpharetta with Lacey--girls night out! Exploring in Savannah on our way back from the family beach trip, and a surprise expedition to Athens!

so many little baby kicks!

of course the deeper and ever-increasing strong and affectionate love Jason and I are growing, right along with this growing baby belly.

and just being showered with so much love, and so many gifts! I have KNOWN God's love and provision during these months, and am so looking forward to knowing what it's like to love, and give yourself for, and train, and forgive, and teach a child, to maybe understand a little more what He's really like towards us.

So many sweet moments! So many simple things! Ah, but these are a few of my favorite things!


  1. What a sweet post. I know you will love that you recorded all these favorite memories!

  2. What a beautiful post! It seriously warmed my heart. And also made me slightly jealous, although not in a bad way kind of jealous. I just can't wait to be there some day myself and the day can't get there soon enough. But, first things first. First we have to get good jobs and get married and then think about babies. Still, I can't wait. I'm a dork, what can I say :-D