Thursday, September 16, 2010

And the countdown begins...

Well, the countdown officially begins tomorrow! I think. Or maybe yesterday. I'm not entirely sure. See, yesterday was September 15, and we're due October 15, so that makes us officially a month out! But we're not officially 36 weeks until tomorrow... and all things in baby-world are counted in weeks, only normal life things are counted in months... so I'm not sure what happens with the countdown. All I know is that we're due in less than a month! (But are still technically 35 weeks, ha!)

The baby's head is still down... quite far down, if you ask the sonogram tech we saw this morning! And she's facing inward, which I hear is the right direction. People look at me and think she's going to be small, but I'm not so sure about that. Call it mother's intuition (what the heck? Can I really claim that already??), but I think she's bigger than people think. Well, when we went to the 3D/4D place she was measuring bigger than people expected by looking at me, and it seemed the same today. The sonogram tech (who are notoriously unreliable about making this kind of estimation), measured her at about 6 lbs 2 oz. Which, at ALMOST 36 weeks, seems big to me! (And was bigger than the doc had guessed.) But, whether I've lost my senses or not, I kind of want a big baby... a robust, healthy baby, I suppose. I do understand she still has to get out somehow... and there's really only one direction... and that we have been talking about going natural... so yes, it does seem as though I've lost my senses. :) But when it has to do with her, isn't that a little normal, too?

In any event, things are still going swimmingly. She's kicking up a storm, and lately she's been kneeing me often as well. Which doesn't seem like it'd be that enjoyable, really, but it thrills me when I see my stomach bulging out and her little KNEE moving around. Jason has gotten a hold of her whole foot before, so it really does seem like she's growing, growing, growing (and running out of room)! We had a great chatty time with the doc this morning, lots of questions, lots of answers, and best of all, lots of support.

Not to share too much information, but, nothing is really... changing... just yet, so I think Baby Adria is pretty comfy right where she's at, so I'm still just working, trying to get everything in order, and enjoying our last bit of couple time as much as possible!

Still... the countdown has begun! :)

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