Friday, September 3, 2010

8th letter to my child

My dearest daughter,

Your Gamma came up to visit with me yesterday and today, and we ended up having such a special time together. Mother-daughter relationships are unique and special things, and I enjoy the time spent with my own mother so much. We had a great time getting pedicures and sitting in a coffee shop, shopping around in Target and going to dinner, but I want to tell you about a very special time we had together yesterday.

My mom, your Gamma, came with me to my 34 week doctor's check-up! Gamma didn't get to go to doctor's check-ups and things like that with your older cousin Brayden, so even though she already has a grandson, she hasn't been to a baby doctor's appointment in 28 years (since she had me 28 years ago).

We had been having a grand old time, and Gamma just sat in the exam room listening while I chatted with the doctor about specific little questions, but when it came time to check your heartbeat, the doctor put the little dopplar device on my belly, and as soon as I heard that beautiful, familiar thump, thump, thump, my eyes flashed over to your Gamma, so I could see her reaction. Her eyes got as wide as saucers, and then they filled up with happy tears! Well, when MY mama cries, I cry too (somehow it's an unspoken agreement we have), so I started to tear up too, and we laughed and I joked with her that I'd TOLD her there was a baby in there!

The doctor looked back and forth between your Gamma and I and laughed a little too--"You'll have to tell me how long to leave this thing on here," he joked, "because now I'd feel like a heel if I took it off! You two are going to have me crying here, too!"

It was a wonderful and beautiful and silly moment for the three of us to share (and the doctor too), and once again I'm just reminded of how well loved you're going to be--and already are!

We can't wait to meet you!
Your mama

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  1. Aww this is so sweet. It's only a few more weeks now until she arrives!