Sunday, August 15, 2010


Well, my wonderful and sweet co-workers surprised me with a baby shower on Friday for lunch! I've been working for JAG Probation for about 4 years off and on (I was on right out of college, then off--to State/Felony probation, to the Public Defender's Office, to Sarajevo with Campus Crusade for Christ, and then back on again in the Fall of '07), and it has been one of the most consistently supportive environments I've worked in. We usually do try to take care of each other, and in fact, celebrated the marriage of our receptionist earlier in the week! So the fact that they'd be wonderful to me isn't a surprise, but the fact that they pulled it off without so much as a whisper of suspicion definitely was!

Jason was in on it too, and he came by and took me on a date to an early lunch and just hung out in my office a few minutes afterwards (having been instructed to by Bo, the Chief Probation Officer), when I was paged to the front lobby to speak with someone.

Bo: There's someone up front to see you.

Me: well who is it?

Bo: I don't know, I think it's an attorney.

Me: Well can't you ask him? Who's he here to see about?

Bo: He's here to see you!

And so it was that I dragged myself up the hall and into the lobby, where not only my co-workers had gathered, but numerous friends from the courthouse too! One of the State Court judges came, and the secretaries from the other two judges' offices came, along with my law clerk friend, and several friends from the Solicitor' office, and even Bo's wife made it! It was just wonderful and special, and it was doubly so to have Jason there with me.

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