Friday, August 27, 2010

7th letter to my child

Dearest daughter,

We are now in the 3rd trimester, and you continue to grow very well! In fact, I'm more and more amazed with you every day, even before you've ever seen the light of day! I'm told you're over 17 inches long now, and over 4 lbs. We've got another 7 weeks to go until your due date, and you're perfectly on track with your growth. One reason I say I'm amazed with you more and more is that I can feel you wiggling in my belly more and more each day, and your Daddy and I even think sometimes we can tell where your head is, your little body, and bottom, and arms and legs, and you're big enough now that you can tickle me on both my sides at the same time! It's kind of a surprising and funny experince, and the other day you made me jump! I wonder if truly it's your hands and feet wiggling in different places at the same time, but I love being able to interact with you already. I like it less when you seem to kick me in the ribs, but I'll take all of you that I can get! :}

Also, it seems very clear that you know your Daddy's voice, because when he puts his head down by my belly and starts talking to you or feeling around for where you're at, you always seem to respond to him. Just so you know, you are already delightful simply by being, and it's all very exciting for us both.

I know we have a long way to go, both until your grand entrance in this world, and particularly until you can understand all these feelings and experiences we're already having with you now, but we're very much looking forward to having you join us, to getting to know you, and to watching you grow.

We love you already very much,

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