Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well, we went to have 3D/4D images of little Adria! We found a place in Cumming, GA called The Window to the Womb, which was pretty cool. We were a little disappointed overall, but it was more to do with the techs and getting some good shots than with how cool it was to get to see little Adria's sweet face! Out of about 40 or so pics they took, these were the only 2 that we thought turned out really good.

Here's our sweet girl with her little hands folded in front of her face. She's praying to God already, just like a good Presbyterian! (Teach them young!)

And this is what our sleepy girl will look like when she's yawning! Or maybe also when she's screaming!

We LOVE this little munchkin already! We're so proud of how well she seems to be growing and doing so far... we're officially 31 weeks 4 days, but we're measuring at 32 weeks, and they estimated 4+ pounds already, which really is right on or just a little ahead, but which just means she's growing and healthy and strong! I want her to be big and strong, and she's already getting chubby cheeks and we saw her sweet arms and legs during the session too, which I can't wait to hug and squeeze!

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  1. She is adorable already!! I am loving these pictures....and seeing that she looks like you and is praying I know she is going to be just a wonderful addition to the family. I miss you and love that I get updates through the blog!