Friday, August 20, 2010

32 week check up and thoughts on labor and delivery

Head: down.
Measuring: perfect.
Weight gain: awesome!

Or at least that's what the doctor said! I was all smiles today!

We're planning on having this baby naturally (did I just say naturally??) and I got to talk to the doctor about that some today too. I had never really thought very much about birthing or labor, but Jason felt like it was very important for me to consider natural childbirth, so we really started thinking about it. My mom had both me and my brother naturally. And for years before her, women were having their babies naturally! (Can you just imagine Mother Mary screaming at Joseph to get her drugs??) So the acknowledgement has to be that women have been having babies naturally for at least millennia, and we see evidence that the species has survived it so far, so we know it can be done! Natural childbirth isn't a new thing! Millions of women all over the globe don't have any other option, and they can do it. Billions if not trillions of women have done it in the past. And something like 80% of births today are without complications. I think I can do it. And also, the more I thought about it, and this was really the biggest motivating factor for me, I really want to be "with it" during labor and birth, to really be present and to know and experience all there is about bringing this precious being into the world, and to know it and experience it for myself. Does that sound a bit hippie? Or a bit high and mighty? I don't know. Of course advances in medicine have made it possible for women to stay alert and not feel pain, but still somehow it seems to me that I'd be missing something vital about knowing what was going on within my own body. And then, I flat out have questions about the cross-over effects of drugs during labor and birth to the baby. In fact, at one doctor's visit while I was asking about pain management options short of an epidural, the doctor mentioned to me that they could also do a systemic IV which contained a narcotic, so the effect there isn't localized like a nerve blocking epidural in your spine, it's being pumped throughout your body. Interesting. "And," he added, "if your baby comes out drowsy, don't worry, we've got something right there to give her a shot to counteract the effects." WHAT??? Narc up my baby, then give her another shot of something else I don't know anything about to jolt her back "up"? Needless to say, that was an option that was never even considered. If I weren't on board before, I was then.

Almost all of the children I know now are epidural babies. And they're perfect! Happy, beautiful, smart, lively. I do not think there is anything wrong with getting an epidural, and even though there's competing research about whether the effects of the anesthesia technically travel to the baby or not, it's clear enough from so many happy and healthy babies that it doesn't hurt them and it isn't a problem. But. If I can do it, I want to have my baby naturally. And I'm learning a lot, and preparing my body for it, Jason and I are in it together, and short of complications, I think I can do it.

And so, for Jason and myself, for our little Adria, we are going to pursue natural childbirth. It's been really powerful to look into it and prepare for it with Jason. He will be such a vital part of this process and of our daughter's birth, I'm kind of even looking forward to it. I feel like with Jason life is always an adventure, and together we're able to meet challenges. And I am so looking forward to the adventure of Adria's birth, and I believe that we can do it together!

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