Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gushy, gushy

I can't WAIT for you to see the baby's room coming together! My 2 wonderful, dear co-workers Bo and Kendrick came over last night, and together with Jason they just went to work transforming Baby King's room! The khaki we picked out for the walls turned out a little darker than I'd anticipated, but I still love it, and am so excited to see how fresh and lovely that room is beginning to look--someplace fit for our little princess when we finally get to bring her home! (And I love it that it'll be a beautiful, calming space for us to use when she's small, but also that it's not overwhelmingly baby-ish or girly, so she'll enjoy it for years to come, and it won't be an eye-sore when we're trying to sell the house!)

Jason has been wonderful, and I'm so proud of the way he's taken to preparing for Little One--from steam cleaning, to painting, to fixing furniture! I'm the type who likes things to be organized and I like to be in control, so in planning, I tend to get lost in details and sometimes overwhelmed in thinking what all I've got to do to get ready for this little bundle who's coming to join us. But over and over and over again, Jason reminds and reassures me (with actions, not just with words) that we are partners in all of this, and that my burden is half, and he will be with me and with our little one every step of the way, caring for, loving, and providing, with the same strength that I'm offering up. How do people do this on their own? How blessed I am to have a partner like Jason!

Love, love. Gushy, gushy.

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