Friday, July 2, 2010

6th letter to my child--viable!

My dearest child,

I can't tell you what a joy you've already been to me. I absolutely love being pregnant with you, and experiencing your growth. It's amazing to me to think that just a few short weeks ago (25, to be exact), you were just a "gleam in your mother's eye". But now, baby daughter, I'm happy to say, you're viable!

Of course I didn't want to tell you before that you weren't, but now, well, if anything were to happen (which it definitely won't, because we're both doing SO WELL, and strong and healthy), but if anything WERE to happen, you can survive on your own in the outside world! (Well alright, you might need a LITTLE assistance, but as important as anything is that legally now the doctors would give it to you!)

I'm just so excited for the way you're growing and changing, and as always, oh so very proud of you.

Oh yeah, this also marks over halfway through! Actually you were halfway through at 20 weeks, but this seemed like the bigger landmark for me. When I first got pregnant, before very much observable was happening I thought how I wished things would move along quicker, and would it really take a whole 9 months for you to be ready for the world? But now that I am aware of you growing and moving, right on target and just as you should be, I just want to enjoy all of these special moments we have together, with you just as close as can be.

(You must be sensing my good vibes right now, cause you just started moving around a little!)

I love you a lot and am doing my best to take good care of you and keep us both healthy and happy, and I really think it's all working.

Lots of love!
Your mama

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