Sunday, May 2, 2010

More names under consideration

Other names currently under consideration:

For a girl:
Imogen--Innocent girl (English)
Magdalene--from Magdala (my grandmother's middle name)
Arwen--royal maiden (English)
Sydney--wide meadow
Haven--safe place

For a boy:
Aaron--Exalted strong one

So... seems like girl names are a little easier to come up with! Baby King and I are both doing fine at 16 weeks, enjoying the 2nd trimester. We've been gardening and doing a lot of yard work, and I'm really looking forward to beginning to feel this little thing move around! We've got our next appointment next Friday, and Jason and I are hoping to get the doctor to take a look for the gender then. So maybe sometime soon we'll be able to narrow down these names by, say, half! I've heard of a number of ladies recently who all found out... so we're hoping!

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