Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fourth letter to my baby: Mother's Day hopes and dreams for my unborn child

My dearest child,

It's Mother's Day, and my heart is filled with wonder. I am celebrating my very first Mother's Day (a little early, because you're still in my belly), because of you. And because of your two grandma's, who sent me cards, and your precious daddy, who loves us both and is already ready to celebrate over you.

We found out 2 days ago that you're a girl! And my mind and heart are racing at all the possibilities. As you're growing up, you won't realize that I was a young woman with my own life and thoughts and desires for a while. We'll spend our time reading books, and cleaning up messes, and hopefully laughing and hugging a lot. But as yet, still before you've arrived, I am just a young woman, with a heart full of possibilities.

I hope that you're healthy, that all of your systems work perfectly, and that you grow up healthy and strong.

I hope you have you daddy's eyes and dimples, but that you look like me, too.

I hope you'll be open to lots of new experiences, from food, to places, to people.

I hope you won't have acid reflux, or other digestive hardships, like I've heard about with some babies, that you'll get on a schedule, and will be sleeping through the night soon. I hope you'll have a great sense of security and safety in our care. And I hope you're easy to potty-train!

I hope I learn quickly how to best take care of you--from how (and when) to respond to your cries, to feeding, bathing, changing, and play-time. And I hope your daddy enjoys learning all of those things too.

I hope you learn to be compassionate to all people. I hope you learn that love is the most attractive thing about a person when offered from a place with confidence and freedom to love, whether everyone loves you back or not. Because everyone needs to be loved.

I hope you learn that your value comes because of who you are, who we say you are, and who God says you are. I hope you have a personality and personhood all of your own, that you're an individual, and that you have creative perspectives and the strength to stand out and be a leader. And I hope that you reach for the stars!

I hope you like to play in the kitchen with me while I'm cooking, and I hope to be able to teach you to cook like me. I hope you like the recipes I cook, and one day begin to make them for yourself, and your friends, and your own family.

I hope you don't have bad allergies (neither your dad nor I really do), and that you love to be outdoors. I hope you love the little hikes, bike rides, walks, and working in the yard that your dad and I enjoy (and like it or not, that we already have planned for you).

I hope you like to fish, and ride your bike, and go on hikes with your dad. I hope the two of you always enjoy special times together, and will always find a way to understand each other.

I hope that I'll be a fun mom, that we'll ride on shopping carts through the parking lot, and have races, and dance together, and laugh until our sides hurt from laughing, until we forget about what we were laughing at, and then the only thing we remember is that we're laughing with/at the other.

I hope I'll be able to teach you well to be a lady--to be polite, and how to have good manners, how to present yourself, and how to deal with different people in different circumstances. And how to feel pretty and good about yourself.

I hope we get to spend enough time together--with me going back to work just a few months after you're born I'm worried that the people you'll see most will be surrogates. I want all the mommy stuff for myself, too.

I hope we'll be able to talk to each other throughout your life. Whether it's about what you're learning while you're tiny, about school and friendships and experiences there, or about relationships and social dynamics, when you're older. Or just about anything and everything!

I hope your dad's and my love will be a safe place for you to always run home to, that you'll never fear running out of favor with us, and that even when we disagree or disapprove, you'll always know we will accept you.

I hope for an easygoing disposition for you, that you learn drive, and desire, and achievement, but you also learn satisfaction, and deep contentedness.

I hope you learn the value of hard work, commitment, and making your own way in life. I hope you're not afraid of a challenge. And I hope you learn the value of a dollar.

I hope for a world of peace for you, where we still have the beauty of the natural world. I hope for a world that is open and available for you to explore it. I hope to be a part of those adventures when you're young, teaching you things like how to take photographs, and look for the good in experiences, and to live vicariously through all the advetures you'll have when you fly away from us.

I hope that when your heart inevitably breaks, that you'll know well enough to love and trust again. I hope for enough hard times to make you strong and tender, but enough good times to keep you joyful.

And one day, I hope for you to find true love--the truest partnership in life.

I hope that you'll come to know, love, and trust in God, and to accept the grace offered through Jesus Christ. I hope you'll nestle down into it and really feel comfortable in a relationship with the most powerful force in the universe.

I love you, my daughter, and I want all these good things for you, because I love you.


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  1. What a beautiful letter! I know your baby girl will cherish these one day and be so thankful for your love towards her. Happy Mother's Day!