Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5/12/10--It's a girl!

We went last Friday for our 17 week check-up, and I made sure Jason was with me, because on this visit we had a mission. They say you can tell the gender maybe even earlier than 16 weeks, but definitely by 17, and we were just DYING to know! (In fact, I think almost everyone else who loves and cares for us and already loves our baby was dying to know as well!) So we went in with a purpose.

It was so wonderful to hear the baby's heartbeat on the dopplar again (although nerve-wracking EVERY TIME until they find the pulse)! And then Dr. Lake said it--when he asked how I was feeling and I told him it depended, that I could think of a medical reason for us to need an ultrasound so we could find out the gender, he laughed and said easily, "we can do that". And the next thing we knew, we were back in the little sonogram room, with the most wonderful tech (I've just got to learn her name! I was so excited I didn't even ask), and soon enough she'd found our little person, and it took my breath away the first glimpses we got of the baby! Where there had been a bean looking object before, now there was a little person, with a face with a profile (I think she has my nose!), and two perfect little arms (she gave us one view that must have been from over her head with her two little hands together in front of her face), and legs that were just moving and kicking and stretching, and even a glimpse of a perfect little foot. We checked out her spine, and her 4 chambered heart just beating away, and then she looked for us--"oh, she's definitely a girl," she said. In fact, not only did she NOT see the little boy parts, but she said she saw the telltale lines that indicated girl parts! (Poor little thing--nothing to hide!)

We're having a girl! I don't know how I thought I would react--but it felt like a slow realization washing over me of all the things I'm going to love about having a little girl. Shopping for pink, ribbons in her hair, cooking with me, teaching her to be a little lady, all those things. I was also watching Jason's face, and his reaction--"it's a girl?" he repeated to the tech, not a hint of disappointment, just a look of enchantment on his face as he got out of his chair and moved closer to the TV monitor where our baby's image was displayed. He was enchanted and delighted, that's what I think. And the next question out of his mouth was, "well does she look ok?" And the tech said that she looked perfect. She looked perfect to us, too!

And she was highly entertaining, still wiggling, moving her arms and legs, stretching and kicking, even seeming to twist around. It was amazing and delightful to see how active she was!

As soon as the tech said "it's definitely a girl", one name came into my mind--Imogen. Once we were back in the car, both Jason and I still beaming, he mentioned it too, the same name. "You know, I really like the name Imogen." So we might be trying it out on her soon, to see how it fits!

So it's a girl! I already cherish the photos we got from this week's sonogram--I have them on my desk at work already, and any time I look at them I marvel, and they motivate me to be strong and good. After all, I've got my little girl with me--I have to be good! And the picture of her, um, femininity, makes me laugh every time I see it! My delightful little daughter: what a light and a joy just the thought of her already is!

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